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November 16, 2018

A Note From Mrs. Donnell

Before long, Christmas will be upon us. When we speak of Christmas, we often do so in terms of the Incarnation—that moment in time when the Creator of the universe, the Almighty God, became flesh and lived among us.

Incarnational living isn’t just about Christmas, however. It’s a critical concept for any conscientious parent. The power of living lives worthy of the gospel to which we’ve been called, and representing with those lives what we want our children to become, is a lifelong, year-round endeavor.

“We Get What We Are”

Notre Dame researcher Christian Smith, who has performed over a decade’s worth of studies on the relationships between faith and youth and emerging adults in our culture, notes the power of living out what we say we believe for the next generation. His research shows, to a large extent, “we get what we are.” This means our current realities—not what we say, but how we live—shape and mold our children’s futures more than anything else we can do; maybe more than any other means of spiritual formation, apart from the work of the Holy Spirit.

Have you been a parent long enough to see yourself saying and doing things your parents did? Maybe even things you promised you’d never do, before you actually had kids? Maybe you’ve felt dread as you channeled your parents, or perhaps you had a sense of begrudging respect and pride, knowing that, despite your earlier promise to never raise kids like your parents, you realize they actually knew what they were doing all along? What you’re doing now, parenting like your parents did, is living out the power of modeling—of incarnational living.

In 1 Corinthians 4, Paul urges the church at Corinth to “be imitators of me.” Early on in my faith, I thought Paul’s admonition was prideful; now I realize he was just being a good parent, calling his spiritual children to live as he lived, because he was aligning his life with Jesus, and he knew the power of modeling.

Modeling Learning

I saw this power when I was working on my PhD, and I realized a modeling practice I would urge anyone with adolescent children to prayerfully consider. I realized working on my degree, and having homework every night I wasn’t out with a school event, was actually good for my girls. Our nightly routine became as follows: come home from work or school, have dinner together as a family (only a couple of times a week, because they were teenagers, after all), talk about our day, and then retreat to separate corners to do our work—Mom working on our family business, Dad working on his PhD studies, and the kids doing their homework. What did not happen a lot in my house, that reportedly happens in others, was my kids complaining about how much homework they had. I now believe our kids didn’t complain much, and spent that energy focused on getting their work done, because our family norm was that everyone worked after dinner. We modeled that for our kids.

I actually think it’s a good thing to bring your work home when your kids are in high school. If not work, perhaps you could spend time after dinner learning the guitar, or building something, or getting that seminary degree, or obtaining that extra certification for work, or learning that thing you’ve always wanted to learn, that thing you would really enjoy learning. Rather than binge-watching Netflix or playing Call of Duty, you could use the time your kids are working on their homework to work on things yourself. Doing so models a great work ethic and shows your kids that learning is for life. And, I think you’ll find it significantly reduces homework complaints and better prepares them to develop an independent work ethic in college.

For parents of younger kids, I think incarnational modeling looks like reading something you love, developing a culture of reading—again instead of Netflix or Call of Duty. I believe readers are made, rather than born. I’ve seen kids, including my own, who didn’t originally care much for reading become readers by watching their parents, sisters, and friends read habitually. Plus, you’ll become smarter in the process.

Modeling Loving Jesus

Most importantly, and more than anything else you could say or do, living lives as dedicated followers of Jesus Christ sets your children up for a lifetime of loving Jesus. I’m convinced that the large number of millennials leaving the church, reflected in stark statistics from the Pew Organization and Barna, are due in large part (though not universally) to the sad fact that their parents live only as nominal or cultural Christians, if at all.

If our heart’s cry is for our kids to love Jesus, the best thing we can do is to love Jesus ourselves. If we want our kids to have healthy marital and family relationships in their lives, then we need to do the hard work of modeling them in our lives. If our hearts yearn for our kids to raise their own in a vibrant church community, we need to not travel with baseball on Sundays; instead, we need to raise our kids in a vibrant church community. The research seems to show you will get what you are. And, if anything about that terrifies us, the best way to change our children’s future reality is to change our present one.

[Editor’s Note: We invite you to forward the link to this post, as well as others in the For Families section of the ACSI blog, as you seek to encourage your school families.]

About the Author

Jay Ferguson, JD, PhD, is the headmaster of Grace Community School, Tyler, Texas. He practiced law for 10 years and, in 2002, joined Grace as development director before assuming the headmaster role in 2003. He’s written extensively on Christian education and training children, including his weekly blog, The Head and the Heart. He can be reached via email at


Mrs. Donnell

eLearning Day Survey

Please take a moment and give us your feedback about the eLearning Day on Thursday, Nov. 15. Your thoughts and opinions matter and will help CCS improve future eLearning Days.
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Veteran's Day Combined Chapel

Speaker: Pastor Matthew Hirt, Associate Pastor at Bethel Baptist Church in North Vernon

Pastor Hirt served in the US navy and was a missionary to Nepal.

Columbus Christian School

Chapel Veteran Program by Columbus Christian School
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CCS Annual Tradition For Elementary Students

Completely memorized by December 7.

Recite during Christmas program on December 20.

Luke 2:1-20

Click here to access Luke 2:1-20

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Come shop at the Book Fair - Now through Tuesday, Nov. 20th

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Pajamas, Popcorn & Movie Day!

Bean the 4th grade turtle has a new cape

Thank you Mrs. Watts for the amazing cape you made for Bean. Bean wanted to share the other cape you made with his friend, the chicken.
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- From Student Council -

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PEACE Fearlessly

This month our CCS MS/HS will be learning what it looks like to show PEACE fearlessly. Please join us in encouraging your student(s) when they demonstrate this "focus-fruit" at home!

We are excited to see how the Holy Spirit will transform the hearts and minds of these young fruit-bearers!

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Congratulations, LEGO Robotics team!

The Creator Crusaders are only three years old yet they have brought home a first place trophy each year! A HUGE thank you goes out to Coaches Dean Wright, Bryan Adrian, and Don Stanton for filling a great need at CCS. You poured your whole selves into each of the team members and they have grown in so many ways, all while getting real world experience. Thank you for your dedication and sacrifice!

First Place in Core Values

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Thank you, PTF and Volunteers!

Thank you, PTF and Volunteers, for all the love you share and fun fellowship you provide with our CCS family! Your servant hearts and godly leadership help keep students and staff looking upward.
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PTF has a private Facebook page Christian School PTF - Columbus, IN

Join the private PTF page to stay up to date on behind-the-scenes happenings at CCS.

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Crusader Classic Schedule

Friday 11/16

4:30 PM – Columbus Christian Elementary vs St. Peter’s Elementary

5:45 PM – Columbus Christian Junior High vs St. Peter’s Junior High

7:00 PM – Christian Academy of Madison Junior High vs White Creek Junior High

8:15 PM – Christian Academy of Madison Elementary vs St. Peter’s Elementary

Saturday 11/17

9:00 AM – St. Peter’s Elementary vs White Creek Elementary

10:15 AM – Columbus Christian Elementary vs Christian Academy of Madison Elementary

11:30 AM – Columbus Christian Junior High vs Christian Academy of Madison Junior High

12:45 PM – White Creek Junior High vs St. Peter’s Junior High

2:00 PM – Columbus Christian Elementary vs White Creek Elementary

3:15 PM – Columbus Christian Junior High vs White Creek Junior High

4:30 PM – White Creek Elementary vs Christian Academy of Madison Elementary

5:45 PM – St. Peter’s Junior High vs Christian Academy of Madison Junior High


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Athletic Parents - sign up for concessions and admissions

Concession Volunteers – An important function that helps fulfill the athletic programs financial need is the selling of concessions at all home athletic events. Parents will be asked to volunteer to work the concession booth for home athletic events on specifically assigned dates. Again, after rosters are set, a list will be published for parents to assist in this endeavor. All efforts will be made so that no parent works during his/her student’s game.

Parent Participation Requirement: Parents should sign up for to help 4 times per basketball season and 2 times during soccer and volleyball for set up, clean up, concession and/or admissions and 1 Track or Stadium date. For any parent that does not sign up they will be assigned times to work that are not during your students games. If you need to switch there will be a master list with contact information and you can switch with someone. If hours are not fulfilled by participating students there will be an additional $200.00 fee. Each event served is equivalent to $40.00. The binder is located in the office.

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Mortgage Match

The thermometer has moved again! CCS has been blessed with an anonymous donor who is willing to match every dollar given toward the school building loan with a two dollar match. A 2 for 1 mortgage match to pay off the existing debt. Here's the catch...the offer is only good for October, November, and December of 2018. Read the letter below to learn more about it and prayerfully consider if God wants you to help.
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Cookie Dough Fundraiser

The grade level that sells the most, gets a pizza party!
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Tim Shelton's Very Vintage Christmas - November 29th

Thursday, November 29th, 7pm - downtown at the Commons!

Free family-friendly concert, hosted by CCS to our community! Invite your family, friends and church to join us in welcoming in the season celebrating the birth of our Savior - Vintage style!

How's the transition going?

We are so grateful that you chose CCS for your family and we care about your transition this school year. Here are a couple of articles from families that have transitioned from both the public school setting and homeschool setting to CCS. They have graciously shared their honest advice about their transition to CCS. Take a look and see if it will help you in your transition. If you have any questions, please know that you can email Mr. Wildey at or Mrs. Donnell at They would love to hear from you!
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Black Friday / Small Business Saturday / Cyber Monday

Reduce your school tuition for 2019-20

Learn how you can reduce your school tuition for 2019-20 by ordering gift cards through CCS.

If you do any of the following:

  • purchase gas, food, clothing
  • eat out
  • shop
  • shop on Black Friday / Small Business Saturday / Cyber Monday
  • purchase gifts for Christmas, Birthdays, Anniversaries, etc.
  • go on Vacations
  • work on your car and purchase parts
  • purchase materials or tools for big home improvement projects

It's really simple. All you do is purchase gift cards (called SCRIP cards) through CCS. Order through the office by Tuesday mornings or order SCRIP online...anytime! Call Tammy Harvey, Financial Secretary at (812) 372-3780 to get the enrollment code for ordering online. Start saving on next years tuition today!

Click here to learn more about the program.

Do you have pictures to share?

CCS is looking for pictures of field trips, athletic games, extra curricular activities, etc. to put into the yearbook. Please send your pictures to
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Be the first to know when school is cancelled or delayed!

Get important information from your child's teacher and school with the free Remind app. It's easy to use. Follow the instructions here.
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School Documents & Forms

2018-19 Year Calendar, FAQ Sheet, Volunteer Background Check, Family Covenant, Internet & Electronic Device User Agreement, Student Handbook and more.


Scholastic Book Fair

November 12-20

Cookie Fundraiser

Now through Tuesday, Nov. 27

Thanksgiving Break

November 21-23

Tim Shelton's A Very Vintage Christmas Concert

The Commons / Free concert hosted by CCS

Thursday, November 29

Doors Open at 6:00PM

Concert at 7:00PM

Winter Formal

Saturday, December 8

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National Collection Week - November 12-19

Collection site: First Christian Church, Columbus

Why would I want to get involved with Operation Christmas Child?

  • Helps you to be involved in fulfilling the Great Commission. Matthew 28:20
  • Provides a hands-on missions project without the cost of a mission trip.
  • Is fun for everyone!
  • Emphasizes the power of prayer as each person who sends a shoebox gift depends on God to work a miracle through this simple act of kindness.
  • Is a great family activity.
  • Helps you learn and/or teach about giving.
  • Teaches you to think globally, but also participate personally, by sending a shoebox gift to a child.
  • Allows you to reach needy children in a personal way by including a letter and photo in your shoebox gift.
  • Is a great activity for individuals and families

Looking for more information and get ideas? Visit the OCC webpage here. Check out information from Samaritan's Purse. How to pack your shoebox.

If you are interested in donating items for the FCC Preschool and Children's Ministry to pack use this wish list. To donate money for shipping, make checks out to Samaritan's Purse - shipping cost is $9.00 per box. Would you, your family or group like to volunteer during National Collection Week? Sign up here. Questions? Contact Christy Farrell.

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