Try some NEW TECH in your class!

Now is the perfect time! Don't believe me? - keep reading!

Why now?

I know all the reasons you might be thinking this is not a good time for something new:
  • "It's already 4th quarter, why start now?"
  • "I don't have the time!"
  • "We have too much left to cover!"
  • "I don't have the energy to learn something new."
  • and the list can go on...

However, now is really the BEST time to try something new! Why?

  • You already know your students well - who else would be better to help you test something out in the classroom setting? (And just use your one best class if you want!)
  • If it works out, you have a new tool to use next year that you know will WOW your new students!
  • If it doesn't work out, you won't start the year with something that is terrible.
  • Students are tired now, too - reinvigorate them (and yourself) with something different and exciting!
  • Students are still expected to learn new things now - be a role model and show them you are willing to learn now, too!

Okay, you've convinced me! But what can I do?

Maybe there's something you've thought about doing before, but just haven't gotten "around to it." Or maybe a colleague has done a project that you would like to try. Go for it!

If you don't have any ideas off the top of your head, there are TONS of possibilities! Just to name a few:

  • try an iMovie or Explain Everything project
  • do a QR code scavenger hunt
  • start blogging (or having your students blog)
  • try a flipped lesson
  • begin using Edmodo to go more paperless (if you don't already)
  • create a webquest activity
  • create a Prezi instead of Powerpoint for giving students information
  • use Blendspace to create a lesson for students to work through
  • create a video based quiz using EdPuzzle
  • use Tellagami to create a cartoon with your voice (or let your students use it)
  • or lots of other possibilities...

Can I get some help with this?

Absolutely - Talk to Heather Boudreaux!

She can help you:

  • come up with an idea for a new tech project (no really, you don't even have to have an idea yet!)
  • guide you and your students as you learn the ins and outs of new tech tools
  • feel more comfortable implementing something new
  • troubleshoot if something goes wrong

Remember: You don't have to be a tech expert to use technology in your classroom. Your expertise is your content and your standards!

And if you can't reach Heather, try talking to a TTL or a colleague about some ideas. You have plenty of resources available to you - you don't have to travel the path of technology alone!