Blue & Silver Newsletter

For the week of 10/30/17

Meadows Center Field Trip

Field Trip Friday!

Field Trip Lunch form here. Due Wednesday November 1st.

Packing a lunch?

Student lunches need to be 100% disposable. Please pack them in a gallon Ziplock bag. We will also have extra bags, if necessary.

Interested in joining us?

Admission to the Meadows Center is $10 cash. Parking is $3.

Family Picnic and Movie Night 11/3

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Important Dates

11/1 Field Trip Lunch Order Due

11/1 Report Cards go Home

11/3 4th Grade Field Trip to Meadows Center

11/3 Fall Picnic and Movie Night 5:30 PM

11/10 Veterans Day Performance (grades 3-5) @ 9

Our Learning Targets

Reading: While reading a variety of expository texts, we can locate information using a variety of text features. We can distinguish fact from opinion and verify what is fact.

Writing: We can write a well organized paragraph with a topic sentence and supporting details.

Social Studies: We can identify and compare ways of life of American Indian groups in specific Texas Regions.

Math: We can solve problems involving division (up to a 4 digit whole number divided by a 1 digit whole number) using arrays, area models, or equations.

Science: We can classify living things found in the native Texas ecosystem by how they meet their basic needs.

Spelling List for the week

Spelling List: fast, felt, kept, notice, can't, spark, prepare, scarf, repair, weird, scarce, compare, upstairs, gear, tear
Bonus words: stalked, sauntered, trudge, promenade, traipse

Second Step

Joining In

Trying to join in a game or an activity that is already in progress can be challenging. This week students will learn skills for joining in.

Looking for Second Step Home Links?

Join our Class Dojo Class

Stay in the know about how your child is doing in our classes by joining our Class Dojo class. Your child brought home information last week about how to join our class. If you did not get it please let us know. We are learning as we go, so please be patient with us.
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