Multicultural Book Talk

By: Audrey Boring

Sundays on Fourth Street

Los dominos en la calle Cuatro

Book Introduction

By / Por Amy Castales

Illustrated by / Ilustraciones de Elaine Jerome

Sundays on Fourth Street is a bilingual picture book for young children, with both english and spanish text. It is a story that shares the memories of a family's time spent on Fourth street with cousins, aunts, uncles and parents.

This book has not received or been nominated for any awards at this time.

Meet the Author: Amy Castales

Originally from Spain, Amy grew up along the U.S.-Mexico border. She went on to teach Spanish in California, Thailand, India, and Oregon. Amy completed her M.A. at the University of Oregon, in Spanish literature. The book is based on her daughter's time spent, with her two cousins, on Fourth Street in Santa Ana, California. After living most of their lives in CA, Amy's nephews were deported to Mexico with their parents. Amy's daughter maybe separated from her cousins by the border, but the memories of Fourth Street live on.

Meet the Illustrator: Elaine Jerome

Elaine grew up with a passion for traveling, she lived in both Hong Kong and New York as a child. She was a background in both art and science. Elaine has found that illustrating children's books unifies her past experiences.

Español Voice Thread

English Voice Thread

Classroom Teaching Application

Grade Level: Third Grade

Common Core ELA Standard: 3.RL.1

Reading: Literature

Key Ideas and Details

1. Ask and answer questions to demonstrate understanding of a text, referring explicitly to the text as a basis for the answers.

Objective: The students will be able to correctly identify activities from the story that the narrator did with her family, while on Fourth Street.

Common Core ELA Standard: 3.RL.6

Reading: Literature

Craft and Structure

6. Distinguish their own point of view from that of the narrator or those of the characters.

Objective: The students will determine how the narrator felt about spending time with her family on Fourth Street.

Classroom Application Explanation

To connect this to the lives of my students I would have them think about a trip or time that they spent with their family. I would have them create a picture book of their own. To help them sequence their events, I would have them create the story using a picture map.

I would create an example picture book to model my expectations for my students.

APA Citation

Costales, A., and Elaine Jerome. Sundays on Fourth Street. Houston, Tex.: Piñata Books, 2009. Print.