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Weekly tips, tricks, and tutorials for tech integration!

Quote of the Week:

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Life is nicer when we share!

Our own Brooke Dimsdale shared this great tip for using technology in the classroom.

"Every Thursday for my bell ringer activity, I have the iPad card. Each student is allowed to get an iPad to log onto the site called Wacky Web Tales, which is a Mad libs activity that helps them with parts of speech. They love to read and laugh at the stories, and sometimes I let them share the funny stories. They have yet to get tired of this short time of tech that we do each week." What an easy way to make learning fun! Thanks, Brooke!

If you have an activity or lesson for your students that includes technology, please let me know and we can share it here!

Spotlight on Strategies (SOS)

Paper Chat

Paper Chat is a cooperative teaching strategy that encourages students to take part in a SILENT group activity using curriculum based materials such as audio or video files, reading passages, etc. This strategy helps students develop critical thinking and communication skills, patience, and respect. See the video below for more information or CLICK HERE for a .pdf of this strategy from Discovery Education. (PowToon video created by DEN Star and Ambassador Cindy Taylor, Carroll County Public Schools.)

PowToon - Video with a Kick!

The above video for PaperChat was made with PowToon, a very cool new presentation tool. If you're looking for a way to add some true awesomeness to your presentations for class or student projects, PowToon may be for you. The FREE version has many great features including tutorials and editable templates. There are several upgrade options available. Check out PowToon for Educators by clicking HERE.

iPad Apps for you to Explore

DragonBox Algebra 5+

Developed by a former math teacher, DragonBox helps kids form a conceptual understanding of equation solving. (Believe it or not, I had some advanced 2nd graders who loved this game!) Grades 4-8 $2.99

WordGirl Word Hunt

Choose the right words to help WordGirl defeat the villains in this game-based vocabulary app from Scholastic. Grades 1-3 $0.99

Money Bingo

This easy-to-use app allows students to fine-tune their foundations in adding and subtracting coins and bills. Great built-in manipulatives. Grades 1-3 $1.99

Speaking of great websites.... is an exceptional website that you could bookmark on your computer as an activity for early finishers or as a center. Great, high quality educational games and activities are featured for grades K-5.

About Me

This is my first year as the Technology Integration Specialist at Southwest Christian School, Elementary Campus. My goal is to spread the word about all the amazing technology available for our teachers to use in the classroom. God called us to be educators. I believe we should do our best to make learning fun and relevant for our students. Education incorporating the use of technology is just one of the ways we can engage and challenge our students as they become 21st century learners.