Farm Family Update

May 17, 2021

Dear Farm Families,

Testing… Testing… It’s that time once again! Ferry Farm Elementary School will administer the Virginia Standards of Learning (SOL) Spring Non-Writing assessments. Beginning Monday, May 16th, students currently enrolled in grades 3 - 5 will take assessments in Math, Reading, Science, and Virginia History per the Virginia Department of Education assessment program. For all Virginia Standards of Learning tests, the assessments must be taken in person at school.

For students who are learning at school and virtual students who will be coming to school to test, you will take the Standards of Learning assessment in person. Students will complete the assessments online at school which will be proctored by Ferry Farm staff. The SOL will be administered online in grades 3–5 Reading and Mathematics, grade 4 Virginia Studies, and grades 5 Science. The results of the SOL tests will be used differently this year. The tests will not be used for state accreditation purposes. The review of test results will play a critical role as we determine the needs of our students and help them catch up after a year of school closures and extended periods of virtual instruction.

For students who are learning in a virtual environment and unable to take an SOL test to demonstrate their mastery of the content, the Virginia Remote Student Progress Test (VRSPT) is an online assessment offered to Virginia public school students in grades 3–5 who, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, have been receiving all of their instruction in a virtual environment and are not able to go to their school to take the SOL tests. Eligible students will complete the assessments online in the non-school location where they are receiving their virtual instruction. The VRSPT will be administered in grades 3–5 Reading and Mathematics and grades 5 Science. The VRSPT assessment can help parents, teachers, and students better understand areas that are strengths and those where the student could benefit from additional instruction going forward.

Ferry Farm continues to follow SCPS mitigation strategies even during SOL assessments. If your child has been tested for COVID-19 and is awaiting results, you should NOT send them to school for SOL testing. Although there have been some CDC changes with mask regulations, SCPS continues to require all students to wear a mask on the school bus, school grounds, and in the school building.


  • Get a good night’s rest and eat a good breakfast…we will also be feeding the students here before their test
  • Make sure you bring your Chromebook to school fully charged
  • Be on time for school. You don't want to be late:)
  • RELAX, you got this! It’s been a tough year for all, so bring your “A” game and do your BEST!!

Stay Safe Farm Families!

Mr. Freeman

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SCPS Coronavirus Dashboard

Using this button will take you to the SCPS Coronavirus Dashboard. Please scroll down on the right side of the SCPS webpage to find the dashboard above the Twitter messages. Beginning next week, the button will be at the top of our update.

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Car Riders Reminder

Beginning April 20th, we adjusted our car rider system and provided new directions for arrival. I appreciate all of you who decided to drive your child/children to school due to limited bus capacity. I want to remind you the arrival time is between 7:35 and 8:00. Changes were made to keep everyone safe, eliminate congestion on Pendleton Road, and for our kids to be in school on time ready to learn.

Currently, many of our kids are being dropped off in the car rider line after 8:05 and as late as 8:15. When they are late, they are missing the beginning of the school day with their classmates. In a year that started off virtual and students on an A/B schedule, they must be in school for the entire instructional day. We also have some families who are not cooperating with our staff members who are helping outside. They are doing their best to keep the line moving and everyone safe. If you stage on the shoulder of the road it helps eliminate congestion on the road. We hope that by following staff directions, we can have everyone inside on time.

Staff helping outside are scheduled to work with students in the morning. Beginning Tuesday, staff will leave their outside duty near 8:00 to come inside and the front doors will be closed. You will have to escort your child to the main office, and they will be signed in as tardy. We have proven in the past that the changes did work. We are down to having less than a month of school left. I am hopeful that we can work together, follow the new plan, and end this school year positively.

2021-22 Parent/Guardian Input for Placement Form

As we begin our planning for the next school year, we will be seeking input from our teachers and parents/guardians to assist with class groupings for the 2021-2022 school year. The staff at Ferry Farm reflect upon our students’ academic and social skills when grouping all of our students. We strive to create classrooms that are well-balanced and ensure that your child is in the most appropriate placement. We also take parent input into consideration when creating our new classrooms. Information can be shared using the following link 2021-22 Parent/Guardian Input for Placement form, or print the form from our school website.

Schedule Change June 7th and 8th

Due to primary elections, school buildings will be closed on Tuesday, June 8. SCPS will provide synchronous, face-to-face instruction on Monday, June 7. This will be an X-Day for students. On Tuesday, June 8, students will participate in asynchronous instruction at home. The remainder of the week of June 7 remains regular synchronous, face-to-face instruction.

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Chromebooks for the Summer

If your child was assigned an SCPS Chromebook, it does not need to be returned over the summer break unless your child is withdrawing or graduating from SCPS. We will again provide online programs this summer like Lexia, Dreambox, Read180, and ALEKS for students and want to ensure everyone has continued access to these learning resources. Mr. Antholzner, our Reading Coach, and Mrs. Covert, our Math Coach, have discussed designing summer challenges that will excite your children to use the online programs available!

Ferry Farm Elementary School

Ferry Farm Elementary is a small family-friendly neighborhood school located in historic southern Stafford County, Virginia. Our staff believes wholeheartedly in our motto - “Where Eagles Learn to Soar.” Welcome to our “Farm Family!”