Belo Monte Dam

How we can still keep the Belo Monte Dam?

What is the Problem?

The dam will flood Amerindians' land, which they have owned for hundreds of years. Not to mention the dam has so far broken laws because their is a rule in the Brazilian Constitution that states that any company cant tamper with anything in native land unless they consult the Natives which the company that is building the dam has not yet done, which could mean the dam could be halted or shut down which would ultimately bad for Brazil, because it would prevent thousands of jobs, and it wouldn't help the economy at all because they have all ready started building the dam.

Why is the dam worth the cost?

The dam is worth the cost because their are 20,000 people working to make the dam. If Brazil does end up re routing it, which they have started to try to do, more people will have to do the re routing of the dam, which means more jobs. If their are more jobs, that will mean more money will be circulating around Brazil. If everyone has more money that will mean the economy will rise. And the economic growth would be worth the cost.

What are The Perspectives?

What is The Solution?

One of my solutions is to re-route the dam so that the native's land doesn't get flooded. This will alongside let them keep their land, make even more jobs. Take a boat as the economy, and the sail as the top, and the keel as the bottom. A boat doesn't rise by the sail, it rise's by the keel, and so to get the economy to rise, we need the people who don't have jobs, or not very good ones to get more money, so if we re route it, that will help the economy rise, because the people on the bottom will be getting more money, and their is already 20,000 people working just to create the dam.