All About Phasmids

Saarah Anhaar


All phasmids have six legs. The legs might tickle and they look spiky. They also have long slender bodies and that means that they are skinny. Guess what? Female phasmids have wings so they can fly but males don't. Phasmids can camouflage themselves against sticks and leaves.

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Did you know that long ago many phasmids lived on Lord Howe Island? Some still live there now but most live in northern Australia or in warm places. They need water to survive.

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Phasmids eat eucalyptus, bramble, apple and oak tree leaves. I shouldn't forget that they need water for drinking otherwise they won't survive.

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All phasmids sway on leaves. This tells you that they are relaxing. They do have a talent which is to hang upside down.

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Breeding Habits

Guess what? Phasmids bury eggs and then they hatch. A female phasmid can lay an egg without a male. Females lay about 400 eggs!