Trendsetter in Mobility

Trendsetter in Mobility

Standard PSTN phones used for personal, commercial and industrial uses are slowly being replaced by VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol network and it is at the same time creating a niche for itself. Due to globalization people and businesses are looking for cost effective communication solutions. VoIP is becoming more popular because of mobile technology with platforms like android, IOS launching VoIP services on their handsets. With the help of SIP clients, the signaling protocol that is used for voice and video communication sessions over the internet, Mobile devices can be transformed into a VoIP phone. VoIP technology guarantees to offer a whole new experience of functionalities for the mobile market. Mobile VoIP is all set to play a large role in merging various industrial sectors.

With the advancement in technology, majority of wireless operators are trying to provide VoIP for mobile options to the consumers. Since VoIP has proved to be a reliable technology for communication, many industry verticals across the globe are trying to make existing VoIP networks mobile. Two factors play important role in VoIP. The first one involves integration of software of SIP client with existing hardware and the second one involves the existing platforms to be opened for dual-mode calling which are in turn needed for switching from standard mobile networks to IP based networks.

Wideband capabilities and other features that are not offered by any conventional telephone system, VoIP not only offers the same but has also become a hot choice in the near future. Applications like Skype, Fring and many others that allow free or low cost international call works for majority of smartphones including the iPhone, Android based phones, BlackBerry and the same can be used on Wi-Fi enabled devices like iPod touch. As the technology is changing at a very fast pace, VoIP providers and app developing companies are coming up with applications that would be compatible with tablets line iPad, BlackBerry or Android tablets.

VoIP is becoming quite a rage and with the introduction of 3G and 4G devices mobile VoIP is projected to reach more than 120 million subscribers in 2012 and over 350 million subscribers by 2013. This massive usage is forecasted by many researchers in various reports which discusses about the next generation of wireless market. By the year 2019, it is expected that more than 70% of the phone calls via mobile will be made through VoIP networks. One can make out that VoIP on mobility platforms is the technology to look out for.

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