Jet Engine is patented

Toria Megill

Whats the Big Deal

The Jet Engine has allowed millions of people now to do something that was barely thinkable just 70 years ago crossing the Atlantic at a speed. The Wrights may have invented the first real plane but the credit for the invention of the jet engine goes to Sir Frank Whittle.

Background Info

In the 1920s, a yound RAF man, Frank Whittle, had presented the airplane or jet in the Air Ministry to design a jet engine. His design appeared to solve the problem that has been baffled inventors for some years while it was happening. When the war was finished, it seemed logically move to apply this new invention to passenger planes.

Visual Aid

Increasing fears about the problems in Europe that was faced lead to the government while having second thoughts about Whittles jet engine. In 1936 Whittle went to college to Cambridge University, he left and set up a company called Power Jets Ltd.

Impact on America and American Literature

Whittle can justifiably be called the "father of the Jet". From a working family, he entered the Royal air force in 1923 the hard way. From an early age, Whittle demonstrated an appitude for engineering and an interest in flying.