By: Jeana Roe

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Background Information


The capital of Mexico is Mexico City.

Some cities that are widely visited, include the capital (Mwexico City), Iztapalapa, Ecatepec de More los and Guadalajara.


Mexico was originally controlled by Spain. It earned it's independence in the early 1900s on September 16, 1810. That means it is independent to this day.

The Flag

The flag of Mexico consists of three vertical sections that (going in order from left to right) are green, white, and red. In the center is a coat of arms with a eagle above a cactus, along with a snake in it's mouth.

Fun Fact!

Día de la Bandera, or Flag Day, is a holiday where people of Mexico celebrate dedication to the flag of their country. It is every year on February 24th.

The Language

A majority of Mexicans are native Spanish speakers.


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Mexico borders the Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico. It also borders the Pacific Ocean. It is between Belize Guatemala and the USA.

Physical Features

Mexico is three times the size of Texas!

In Mexico, it typically rains more in the summer.

Mexico has a variety of climate types, because it covers a vast amount of land.

The north contains many deserts, because it is more dry and hot. Some include: the Mojave Desert, the Sonoran Desert and the Chiahuahuan Desert.

The southwest contains several tropical jungles, because it is generally warm and humid.

There are some mountains, including the Sierra Madre Oriental, and the Sierra Madre Occidental. The mountains cover over 2/3s of Mexico.


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Mexico has a federal republic government.

The leader of it Is President Enrique Pena Nieto.


Mexico had a capitalist economy.

People in Mexico use Pesos as their currency.


Why do People Visit?

Mexicans are known for being neighborly and welcoming to any guests from another place.

There are tons of beaches and ancient civilizations that have much history and culture among them.

More Fun Facts!

It is usually considered impolite for a guest to refuse a refreshment offered by the host in Mexico.

Most movies watched in Spain are in English with Spanish subtitles for the Mexicans to read.

Cows have been known to be found right in front of peoples' houses in Mexico.

Pizza is often eaten with ketchup.