The thirteenth tale

Diane Sutterfield


The Thirteenth Tale is a mystery told about Margaret, who loves to read.  One day she is contacted by Vida Winter and is asked to write her bibliography.  Vida Winter is an author that everything is a secret to her.  Even though Margaret loves to read she hasn't read any of Vida's work.  The story mainly takes place in the past in Vida's childhood as she tells Margaret the truth of her past.  The mystery slowly starts to uncover in Margarets mind throughout the novel and you find out who Vida Winter really is. 

Favorite Passage

“People disappear when they die. Their voice, their laughter, the warmth of their breath. Their flesh. Eventually their bones. All living memory of them ceases. This is both dreadful and natural. Yet for some there is an exception to this annihilation. For in the books they write they continue to exist. We can rediscover them. Their humor, their tone of voice, their moods. Through the written word they can anger you or make you happy. They can comfort you. They can perplex you. They can alter you. All this, even though they are dead. Like flies in amber, like corpses frozen in the ice, that which according to the laws of nature should pass away is, by the miracle of ink on paper, preserved. It is a kind of magic.” I enjoyed this part of the book because as sad as it is, I feel it is very accurate. When people die all you have is their memory but they themselves are gone. But certain little things can help you to remeber who they were and what they did in their life. Wheter it be something that they wrote, pictures orvideos of them, or just little belongings that they had and that they cared about are preservations of those people who have passed and keep them in a sense alive.

My Opinion

I absolutely loved this book.  It started off strange a few times but once I got past that part of it, there was never a dull moment.  The author does a great job of keeping you on the edge of your seat and keeping you entertained throuhout the whole book.  I recommend this book to everyone who can read it.