ZavTop Newsletter

October 16, 2015

Upcoming Events:

  • Pre-Conference Survy DUE Tuesday (See Link Below)
  • October 19th Senator Hansen's coming into our classroom
  • October 22, 27 & 29 Parent Teacher Conferences
  • October 29-30 NO SCHOOL
  • November 6th End of first quarter
  • PLEASE SEND IN ITEMS TO DECORATE PUMPKINS ON MONDAY! (glitter, pipe cleaners, googly eyes, paint, brushes, ANYTHING!)

4th Grade IS The Place To Be!

HOW COOL IS THIS?! Our very own Miss Jada (Kentop's class) entered Uncle Ben's Rice "Cafeteria Makeover" Competition! Please watch and vote for her! (CLICK HERE!)

This week we've been learning about the area model for multiplication. (click here for an example).

Next week: We're continuing multiplication processes and word problems. Please encourage your child to work on his/her facts!

Writing: We have been learning how to "Read like Writers" this week! It has been so much fun digging into this concept and seeing your children work so hard on creating amazing sentences to use in their writing. They are most certainly proof of our writing motto: "Become a better writer today then I was yesterday, and a better writer tomorrow then I am today!"

Next Week: Now that we've practiced our writing routines, we're diving into our first unit of Narrative writing. We've practiced this a bit and are ready to use what we've learned!

S.S We introduced the steps for how a bill becomes a law this week. Your child has a study guide in their Notability app to help them with this process. Please have them refer to it often! We also asked the class to brainstorm ideas of potential "laws" they'd like to see put in place in our community/state. They will be creating a skit to take their idea through the bill to law process!

Next Week: Senator Hansen is coming in to help us develop our ideas of things we'd like to see changed in our community/state. We're also creating our skit to test our knowledge of the process!

WtW: New Sort Groups Monday!

Every week your child is responsible for the following items:

We call it their: "MUST DO" List.

-Scoot Pad

-What Is It?

-Word Work


*Below 2 students are reading like writers to identify vivid verbs from a text! *

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