Together in Education

March 2018

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Upcoming Events

Mar 5 - Little Ceasar's Pizza Kit order pick up 2pm-5pm

Mar 6 - Hot Lunch - Subway

Mar 6 - Coffee Morning 8:00 - Chat over a coffee #buildingcommunity

Mar 6 - Parent Council Meeting 6:00, all welcome

Mar 8 - Sharing Assembly 1:30, parents welcome

Mar 12 - 16 - MARCH BREAK

Mar 20 - Hot Lunch - Pizza

Mar 21 - Dowdell, Tidman - Swim to Survive

Mar 23 - Grad and Sibling Photos

Mar 23 - Hamilton and Greenlees to Kingston Symphony 9:10-11:30

Mar 27 - Hot Lunch - Chicken Fingers

Mar 28 - Dowdell - Swim to Survive

Mar 28 - Light it up Blue - Autism Awareness day (wear blue!)

Mar 28 - Lancaster's Jazz Night!! - 5:30-7:30

Message from your Administrative Team

With spring seemingly around the corner, we welcome the month of March! February highlights included very strong basketball seasons, classes off to Gould Lake for some winter campout cooking, Valentine's friendship dances and PINK Shirt Day, and many student-initiated school clubs filling the available spaces in the school during lunch and recess times. (Dance, Art, DIY, Drama, Chess, Technology, Badminton, Yoga). We look forward to the spring season that continues to offer opportunities for students to get involved in school life and share as a learning community, mark your calendars : )

We wish all of our families a safe, restful and rejuvenating March Break.

Your leaders in learning,

Lani Fox & Sara Wellwood

Letter from your Parent Council Chair

Dear Lancaster Families,

Welcome to a new month within the school where we are celebrating achievements and preparing for exciting new experiences. March is shaping up to be a wonderful month for the Lancaster school and community.

Last month, on February 20th, the teachers and staff were treated to a lovely and special set up in the staff room. There was a variety of yummy items to start off the morning before engaging in the Tuesday following the Family Day long weekend. The staff at Lancaster are so wonderful and appreciated for everything they do day to day for the school, students, parents and each other. Thank you to Kelly Geyer for planning, setting up and showing our โ€œextended familyโ€ our love for them.

Pizza, pizza, get your pizza! Thank you to the families who ordered and sold the Little Caesars Pizza Kits. Setting up a fundraiser does require a lot of time and effort to make sure that everything goes smoothly and is the most beneficial for our school. Thank you so much to Kory Slovitt for her planning, coordinating and conducting of this product sale.

At the beginning of the school year, parent council reaches out to the teachers for a wish list of items they may desire. We on the council obtain these requests and discuss where we believe the money that has been raised can be best spent to add enrichment and opportunities for the students. One of the requests we supported this year was to buy new scores of popular music for Mrs. Hamilton and the students in her grades 6-8 instrumental program.

On March 28th we will be hosting a Jazz Night at our school. Donna Banting, our fantastic Program/Event Coordinator, has set up a night full of opportunities to celebrate and engage in music. From listening to a variety of musical performances to hands on exploration of instruments, this night has something for everyone in the family.

Our next monthโ€™s meeting is going to be held on Tuesday, April 3rd and begins at 6:00pm. All parents are welcome to join and child care will be provided. If there is anything you would like to know more about, specific questions for the council or have ideas to share, please feel free to contact us at .

Serena Milling and Allison Slate

Chair, Co-Chair


Parking and Traffic Reminders - Student Safety

Student safety is always at the forefront of our planning and thinking at Lancaster. We are asking for support from our parent community related to drop off and pick up times at the school. Parents are asked to ensure they are following the parking guidelines set out with the current signage on the streets and in drop-off areas. Recently we have had more leaving their vehicle unattended in areas that are not intended for parking. This causes congestion and creates unsafe conditions for students to safely cross the street or sidewalk areas due to lack of visibility. Reduced speed during these busy times is also essential for both drivers and pedestrians to have the reaction time necessary to provide a safe environment for all. We will be sharing more information in the coming months about the construction plans that will take place over the summer involving the drop off areas of both Lancaster Drive and Mother Teresa that will address some of these concerns.

Perdiculosis - Head Lice Awareness

Head lice are transferred by direct head to head contact with an infested person. You cannot get lice from family pets, dogs, cats, trees, or grass. Lice do not have wings so they do not fly and lice cannot jump. Wind cannot blow lice from one person's head to another. As some may already know, you can get lice by: sharing combs and brushes with a person who has lice, sharing bedding, clothing, towels, hats, stuffed toys and pillows with a person who has lice, and making head to head contact with a person who has lice. Lice do not care if you are male or female, young or old, rich or poor, clean or dirty. If they have a human head to live on they will survive. Lice do not cause or transmit disease. Itching and scratching of the scalp is the most common symptom and often there are no symptoms at all. (excerpt taken from Kingston Head Lice Services)


  • Check all family members in the household.
  • Check with your local pharmacy for safe and approved treatments available. (Please be sure to check that the product will do what you need it to do. Once you have made your choice, read and follow the directions carefully).
  • Treat only those who have head lice.
  • To prevent head lice from coming back: wash clothes, hats, coats, towels, sheets, pillows and pillow cases, and vacuum furniture and rugs.
  • Most cases of head lice require a second treatment 7-10 days following the first treatment.
  • To ensure treatment success, remove all nits.
  • If head lice persists, talk to your Doctor, Pharmacist, or Nurse Practitioner for other possible treatments.


  • Nits are not removed.
  • Second Treatment in 7-10 days is not completed.
  • Bedding is not changed.
  • Improper use of Head Lice Shampoo.
  • Not all members of the household are checked for.

If you find lice on your child please communicate this to your child's teacher. When cases are reported a letter will be sent home to the class. We do not currently have staff to complete school-wide head checks throughout the school. This is a paid position on an occasional basis, if you or someone you know is interested in fulfilling this role, please contact us at the main office.

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Online Registration for school is here!

The Limestone District School Board is excited to introduce online registration for our families in the new year.

New families or those returning to our district are now able to register online to attend school via our new online registration process. The new online tool will allow families to search their home address which will then provide the school catchment, or boundary, for their area and determine which school their child is eligible to attend.

All information provided through the online process is secure and will be confidentially transferred to the school for review to complete the registration process.

Accommodations will be made to help families navigate the new process should they require assistance. The new online registration has now been launched and available through the school board website.

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Popcorn sales continue every Friday at lunch until March Break. Snap pea crisp snacks can be purchased as an alternative for our Kindergarten students.

All money raised will be put towards student enrichment opportunities at Lancaster - including our sit-down lunch initiative. More details about these lunch events will be shared soon.

Thank you for your support and enthusiasm for our popcorn sales!

Parent Council News

Coffee Time!

Thank you for joining us for coffee time in the yard. It was fun! We look forward to seeing you all again next month on Tuesday April 3 at 8am! See details below.
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Jazz Night March 28th

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Fundraising Activities

Little Caesars Pizza Kit Fundraiser!

Together we sold 192 pizza kits and raised $960 for Lancaster Public School. Thank you for your support and participation!

Parent Council Account Balance

The Parent Council account balance

as of February 28, 2018 is


Submitted by Kory Slovitt, Treasurer

โ€œThe future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreamsโ€

~Eleanor Roosevelt

What are the WITS Programs?

In the new year Lancaster will be exploring again the strengths of the WITS and LEADS program. These programs bring together schools, families and communities to create responsive environments that help children deal with bullying and peer conflict. WITS has two parts:

WITS Primary Program โ€“ Teaches Kindergarten to Grade 3 children to Walk away, Ignore, Talk it out and Seek help when faced with peer conflict. The acronym also provides a common language that children and the adults around them can use to talk about and respond to problems.

WITS LEADS Program โ€“ A more grown-up program designed for Grades 4-6 students, which teaches more complex problem-solving strategies: Look and listen, Explore points of view, Act, Did it work? and Seek help. LEADS trains students to become WITS Leaders who can help younger children with their problems.

Teachers reinforce the programs by reading popular childrenโ€™s books, which emphasize WITS and LEADS messages, to their students. We also encourage students to use their WITS and LEADS skills to deal with problems and hope you will too!

Want to know more? Explore the WITS website at

Music/Instrument Lessons at Lancaster

Lancaster is happy to share that our students are able to register for instrumental music lessons that take place in our school building during the school day. Please contact the music teachers directly if you are interested in registering your child/children for piano or guitar lessons.


Tanya Bezanson


Phone: 613-539-8342


John Porter


Phone: 613-328-6070

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