Cyber Safety

Internet Safety and Cyber Bullying Awareness Video Project

Take a stand against Cyber Bullying and Promote Internet Safety

You have been chosen to take a stand and raise awareness of cyber bullying and the importance of internet safety. I have provided some links and videos below as resources to get more information about cyber bullying and internet safety. You will use these resources and any personal experiences to create a video to raise awareness and inform your school about these issues.

Capture your audience's attention!

In order to have an impact on your viewers you must create a video that captures their interest and makes them feel something as they watch. You will notice in the video below how the creators capture the interest of their viewers by presenting the concept of cyber bullying in a new view: as a virus. Throughout the video the mood is very serious and cyber bullying is portrayed as a disease. Try to come up with an original idea such as this to present the information and get your information across. Be creative!

Important Details

  • Your video should be 3-5 minutes long
  • You should include examples of cyber bullying
  • You should include tips for promoting Internet Safety and Etiquette
  • You must submit a one page reflection in addition to your video
  • Have fun and don't forget to be creative!
Cyber Bullying Virus