Mrs. Garthe's Fantastic First Grade

May 8, 2016

Happy Mother's Day!

I hope you all enjoyed a wonderful Mother's Day. I know for me it was the culmination of a wonderful week. Our PTO, administrators, and parents did an amazing job making all of us teachers feel very appreciated. Many of your children wrote me lovely notes and went out of their way to make the week so special. Thank you very much! Though I'm looking forward to some relaxation this summer, I am hoping the next week and a half go slowly because I do not want to say goodbye to this group of kids. They are very precious and I will miss them greatly. Speaking of summer, if your child has a summer birthday while we are out of school, I sent home a yellow note last week with a day that he or she can celebrate. It is totally optional if you would like to send in a store-bought treat. I have included the assigned days in this newsletter just in case the yellow note didn't make it home.

This Week's Lessons

Writing- Animal research project


Spelling/Phonics-Open Syllable Type (open, paper, minus, robot, tiger, pony)

Math-Topic 15-Geometry-I plan on giving the Topic 15 Test on Wednesday and have assigned an online test for practice.

Please use the following to login to Pearson:

Username: first name, last name, last three digits of student ID # (johndoe555)

Password: FHSD, student ID # (FHSD555555)

Specials, End of Year Countdown, And Summer B-Day Celebrations

Mon-PE, R-Read a Book to Someone Day, Leah's B-Day

Tues-Music, S-Silly Sock Day, Briana's B-Day

Wed-Art, T-Team Shirt Day, Abby's B-Day

Thurs-PE, U-USA Day, Michael's B-Day

Fri-Music, V-Visit With a Friend Day, Parker's B-Day

Important Dates

May 16-17-turn in library books (we will have no more checkout days)

May 19-Early Release, Last Day of School