Things to Look Out For



Mountain Climbing

Mountains are one of the biggest things associated with Everest, so of course mountain climbing would be one of the biggest attraction the range has to offer.

Mt Khuiten, Mongolia


Khutien is a mountain that is much easier to climb that one like Everest. It will take about 16 days to complete, and the trip will be worth it. You'd be able to see the beautiful wilderness and meet some of the traditional herding families, those who have already been used to the harshness of the seasonal weather. Visit the following link to set up your journey.



This is a mountain that is known as being a mountain climber's greatest goal. Reaching the top of Everest, the highest mountain in the world, being able to stand at the highest point in the world, and feel that pride, is something that a lot of climbers dream of doing.

Thought it may look fun to many, Everest is also a mountain that is very hard to climb. Taking on the journey required both determination and dedication, and can take up to 64 days. Visit the following link if you wish to participate in their next expedition.

Animal and Plant Life


10,000 types of plants
300 mammals
977 birds
176 reptiles
105 amphibians

269 freshwater fish

163 globally threatened species

Plant Species

Bamboo -

Bamboo trees are found throughout Asia, and can growing to extremely tall heights. They grow about 1ft a day, and the smallest species is 130ft tall. They are typically hollow on the inside, and are often times crafted into furniture.

Ceylon Ironwood -

The Ceylon Ironwood reached about 60ft tall, with shining green leaves that's a deep scarlet when young. The flowers accompanying the tree can be up to 3" wide and have four petals.

Animal Species

The most known species in the Himalayas are the Asian elephant, Snow leopard, Ganges River dolphin, Red panda, Bengal tiger, Greater one-horned rhino, all of which are endangered or vulnerable to becoming endangered due to poaching and climate change.