Ancient Greek Armies

The Rankings of The Ancient Greek Army


There are nine different rankings in the Ancient Greek army. The nine rankings are:

Supreme Commander, General, Brigadier, Captain, Battalion Leader, Colonel, Hoplite, Regiment Commander Calvary, and Horse Archers. They all play an important part in the ancient Greek army. Here is some information about a few of the ancient Greek army rankings.

Supreme Commander

Supreme commanders (Polemarchos) are the senior military officials. They were in charge of monitoring army operations. However, the most important job of the Supreme Commander was to command and direct other army officers.


The people in this ranking were in charge of organizing and commanding operations in the military. They acted as magistrates and went to court trials.


A hoplite is a soldier who fights on foot in a phalanx. A phalanx is a formation of foot soldiers in a formation of rows. (See video for information on phalanx formation) These soldiers had to be very strong and brave. During battle they had to protect the people next to them. Hoplite soldiers were well trained. They mostly fight on even ground against other hoplites. Hoplites were both rich and poor because armour was provided by the government.


This ranking was named Lokhagos because it was the leader of a lochos (a sub unit of Classical Greek and the modern Greek army). Their badge of military rank showed three silver stars.


This rank was known as something different at one time: Syntagma. These soldiers, were the leaders of the regiment. They controlled operations in the regiment.


Those are a few of the ancient Greek army rankings. Just like our army, everyone plays an important role. If someone didn't do there job, the whole system might fall apart. I hope you learned a lot about those army rankings.


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