NAKED palette 1,2,3,4,5 on SALE!!!

On SALE for $50.95 ,& you get the brushes & powder for FREE!

NAKED Palettes.

These palettes are very popular , so if i were you I'd buy all of them on SALE right now for $50.95 , cause they are very expensive and the sell only lasts for another week. So come in sometime this week and buy all 5 NAKED palettes and you'll get the NAKED brushes & powder for FREE . That's a pretty good deal if i do say so myself , cause i use it.
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NAKED brushes!

There are 12 brushes in the picture and that's how many come with the palettes. Many brushes come in each package for example the contour brush , the blush brush , etc... . When the brush runs against your face it feels so smooooth.