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Could turning on a desk lamp have fried my PSU led table lamps

Really bizarre and frustrating story. I was using my computer normally with no problems, but the very instant I turned on the desk lamp, the entire computer died and shut off. I don't know whether the events were correlated, but it literally felt like turning on the light killed my computer.

Since then, the computer goes into restart loops mostly without sending a signal to the monitor. A number of times it seemed like it was improving and I got the monitor signal, but even then I didn't get a POST screen just goes straight to safe mode/normal mode boot options. led table lamps A couple times the computer stayed on long enough for me to do a Windows Startup Repair and System Restore. I was able to get back onto Windows and things seemed okay again, but then the computer turned off by itself after a small amount of time and went back into the restart loops, sometimes with hard drive activity LED and giving monitor signal, other times with no hard drive activity LED indication and no monitor signal.

At first, I suspected it was my SSD, so after a number of attempts to even get into the UEFI BIOS, I was able to change the boot order to my HDD, which also has Windows installed just in case. Even then, the computer still turned off and returned into restart loops. So, I actually don't think either hard drive is malfunctioning.

The LED's and cooling fans inside the computer turn on fine, led table lamps and the CD/DVD drive also works, though I don't think I can get the computer to read any CD amidst the restart loops. I think the problem may lie in either the PSU or Mobo, or possibly both. I don't know if the RAM or CPU are culprits, but I feel like they aren't. Another fact that may be useful is that even when I was able to get into UEFI BIOS, the computer would still restart after staying on long enough. So the Mobo may still be okay and it is just the PSU. I'm not experienced in troubleshooting anything beyond hard drives, so I would greatly appreciate any help! Thank you!!