Urban Land Use

By: Devon Daniel 1A AP Human Geography


An exburb that has organically morphed into a city with an infrastructure, industries, and services spread throughout the area.

Examples: A example is our own city Frisco it started with acres of land but transformed with neighbor hoods and restaurants.

Techno burbs differ from models in the past. By introducing more neighbor hoods that are newer with better houses, and new work buildings/offices for work.

Master-planned Communities

A planned community, or planned city, is any community that was carefully planned from its inception and is typically constructed in a previously undeveloped area.

Examples: Woodforest is a master planned community in Montgomery County, being planned out for many people to live here by building golf courses, and hiking trails for the attraction of people (as seen in the link and picture below).

Link: http://davidcompanik.com/2011/woodforest-a-premier-master-planned-community-in-the-houston-area/

Master-planned communities differ from models used earlier in the past. By planning ahead into the future instead in the past, by building attractions around instead of later to get more potential buyers faster.