Social Media

Samantha Owens and Nick Thomson

Instagram, Snapchat, or Vine?

These apps have taken the world by storm. Instagram, Snapchat, and Vine all are extremely popular social media apps. LCJSMS students responded favoring these apps over others, but Instagram came out as the clear winner.


Instagram is a social media app that allows people to share photos with the world at their finger tips. You can follow your friends so you can see photos they upload and even like them.


Snapchat is a social media app that allows you to send photos to friends for a limited amount of time ranging from 1-10 seconds, then they disappear. You can also add a snapchat story which allows your all your friends to see it for 24 hours only. You can send videos to friends as well. If someone takes a screenshot of your photo it send a notification to you.


Vine is a social media app that enables users to upload and share videos. You can follow friends and also famous vine users. You can explore popular vines and revine them to let your followers view them as well.