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2014-2015 First Quarter BMS LMC Newsletter

We started off the school year excited to reveal the library makeover to our BMS students, parents, faculty & staff. The changes have been received positively. Thanks for your support! The library has been non-stop busy as we take over the open space with learning, collaboration and video creation!
2014 BMS LMC Tour

Library Orientation

During the first full week of school, we held library orientations through our 6-8 ELA and Special Education classes. It was great to meet all of our students and help them check out a book. We are thankful to have the opportunity to get students excited about reading and our library program at the beginning of school!
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Fall Scholastic Book Fair

Thank you to our BMS families and PTO for supporting our annual fall Scholastic book fair. Our total sales were $3352.87. From that, the profit for the BMS library program was $838.22! The monies were used to purchase more books for our library program because our students and teachers love to read! read! read!

Library Stats

The numbers for the 2014-15 First Quarter

  • 4,475 items circulated (5% increase from this time last year)
  • 954 individual student visits (38% increase from this time last year)
  • 43 class visits (22% increase from this time last year)

First Quarter Collaborations

The heart of our BMS LMC program is our collaboration with classroom teachers. Here are the lessons and projects we have worked on this quarter. Please ask your students about what they've learned!


Blogging with sixth grade Science teacher Mrs. Mixson, eighth grade ELA teacher Ms. Evans and Ms. Hineman's students. Students learned about commenting, hyperlinking and making blog posts scannable.

Creative Commons with sixth grade Science teacher Mrs. Mixson and eighth grade ELA teacher Ms. Evans. Students learned about Creative Commons license and how to find & use Creative Commons license images in their own digital work.

Max the Mighty research resource list for eighth grade teachers Mrs. Brown and Mrs. Whisenant for upcoming novel study. Students used the resources to learn background information about the novel.

Destiny Quest How-To's with sixth grade ELA teachers Mrs. Reeves, Mrs. Myllykangas, Ms. Taylor and Mrs. Valafar. Students learned how to log in to Destiny Quest to search for books, place holds and keep up with due dates on library books.

How to Create Book Trailers with eighth grade ELA teacher Ms. Evans. Students learned how to use Creative Commons licensed images in WeVideo to create video book trailers. Students also used Easybib to cite images.


Adopt an Element with seventh grade Science teacher Mrs. Eisele. Students researched elements, cited sources in Easybib and created Board Builders in Discovery Education about their element.

Website Evaluation with sixth grade teachers Mr. Ellisor and Mrs. Elliott-Smith. Students learned how to use the acronym C.A.R.T to evaluate websites and resources used for research.

Video Weather Reports with sixth grade Science teacher Mrs. Nadorff. Students learned how to use Wevideo and Google Slides to create video weather reports.

Research with seventh grade ELA teachers Ms. Russ, Dr. Pace and Ms. Taylor. Students learned how to use Easybib to create a bibliography and notecards during research process. Students learned how to access and locate information in two databases located within Discus: Biography in Context and Britannica School. Students researched in ELA and used the collected information in Social Studies.

Research in Science with eighth grade teachers Mrs. Dissinger and Mrs. Zeis. Students reviewed how to use Easybib to create a bibliography and notecards. Students reviewed how to use DISCUS, Discovery Education and websites to locate, note and cite information for their Science projects.

Math Music Videos with seventh grade Math teacher Mrs. Liz Brown. Students learned how to compose, perform and create their own Math video using WeVideo.

Professional Goal for 2014-2015

A professional goal for the library program is to expand the use of the library space to include a video makerspace. Over the summer, the news room underwent a renovation which opened up the news room by moving the news tech crew into their own space. I saw this as great time to invite teachers & students to use the news room through out the school day.

Our BMS teachers are awesome because they are always open to trying out new technology, giving students the opportunity to be creative and collaborating with their media specialist and TLC. After showing teachers about Wevideo and Discovery Education during professional development, we have had teachers eager to try out the digital creation tools and space.

Mr. Abernathy, Mrs. Turner and I have worked with sixth grade Science teacher Mrs. Nadorff and 7th grade Math teacher Mrs. Liz Brown to use the green or blue screen in the news room to help students create videos that incorporate the ability to add digital backgrounds using WeVideo.

We look forward to working with more teachers on this video makerspace project.

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