May 30-June 3, 2016

Reading, Math, Science, Phonics and Writing


We will be reviewing Comprehension Strategies this week in reading. Continue to practice nightly reading with your child.

It is crucial to incorporate a daily reading schedule that is natural in the flow of everyday living. Students enjoy reading more often when it is not forced.


We are continuing to review our math standards in preparation for first grade expectations.

Geometry-2D and 3D shapes

Addition and Subtraction-We have used many things this year to learn addition and subtraction (subitizing, goldfish, pop cubes, cube trains, word problems).

Measurement-Using non-standard items to measure real-world items (e.g., measure the height of a table leg using pop cubes or soup cans)

Base Ten How many tens are in a number? How many ones? Prove how you know? How many ways can you represent a number?