Highway man summary

1st part of Highwayman

Once their was a guy named the Highwayman. He had a French cocked hat on his forehead he had a coat of claret velvet. His boots were up to his thigh. he was going to a place called the inn-yard. so he went their and saw a girl named Bess. Bess was a young beautiful women and she was in a relation ship with Highwayman, but their was one thing their was a guy named Tim the ostler he liked Bess. When Highwayman and Bess were talking to each other Tim was ease dropping. So then he called the redcoats to tell them that Highwayman was there, but before the redcoats could get there Highwayman left.

2nd part of Highwayman

When the redcoats came they took Bess to a room that was dark and locked her there. Their was two guards with her. They took a gun and put it in between her breast. They were waiting for Highway to come back but then Bess was able to put her finger on the trigger. So then she shot herself to try and warn Highwayman, but Highwayman turned around and went to check on the place when all of the sudden redcoats ambush him and shoot him then he died. Still to this day when the Highwayman rides on a path going to the inn-yard.