Visit the Digestive Park !

Take a ride on The Big Chew! If you can handle it!

The Big Chew !

On the Big Chew, you will go through & learn about the digestive system in a fun way ! First you will enter the mouth, but don't get caught in the teeth! The you will travel down the esophagus & into the stomach. The small intestine slide is everyones favorite! But then, go into the pancreas spin! Don't get dizzy! Drop down into the Liver River.. watch out! There's a little splash! Do you like upside down rides? Well ride the Big Chew & go into the large intestine loop! Then you go into the rectum.. but wait, you never know when you're going to drop into the anus & then.. the end!!

Wait ! We're not done yet !

The Games !

  • Saliva Splash! On the Saliva Splash, you get to try & dunk someone in a bucket! Try & throw a ball as hard as you can! If you hit right in the center, who ever is in the bucket falls into the "Saliva" ! (Just water!)
  • Villi Vocal! During the Villi Vocal you can compete against who ever you want! What you do is sing! Sing the best you can! The audience decides who wins! It's just like karaoke!
  • Gallbladder Ball! Gallbladder ball is just like basketball! But better! You get asked a question about the digestive system & if you get it right then you get to shoot! If you shoot & get a goal you get a prize!

Our Water Section .

In our water section of the park we have a lot of things to do! You'll never be bored here! First, we have the Bile Lazy River.. Just sit back & relax while floating in a tube. Then, we have then Mucus Dare.. The tallest water slide we have! Lay down & slide straight down! Can you handle it? Next, we have the Pepsin Pool.. just a ordinary pool.