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Why Medical Marijuana Does Not Have To Make You Lazy

Having recently come into the public’s attention, a number of rumors regarding medical marijuana usage still exist. Lets get to the bottom of one of the most persistent rumors out there.

The debate around medical marijuana rages across the United States as stale stigmas are thrown out the door and mounting medical evidence makes the argument for medical usage. Through this debate, a number of facts and myths about marijuana usage are propagated. While some of these are useful, others can actually harm people by preventing them from using drugs that would otherwise be of benefit.

One of the greatest reasons why people shy away from medical marijuana is because of the belief that it will make you lazy. While it is argued that every stereotype is based in a kernel of truth, medical marijuana does not have to make you lazy if you use it. Lets take a moment to review the facts as they are known.

It All Comes Down To Usage

The kernel of truth to the question of laziness and medical marijuana is that if you use enough medical marijuana over a long enough period of time, then you will be more lazy then average. This is because all marijuana usage influences dopamine levels in the brain. Generally speaking, messing with dopamine levels in the brain can have poor effects on the body and mind, including laziness.

However, as the subheading states, it all comes down to usage. Sugar soda for example is fine if you drink it on occasion. Even if you have a soda a day, you can still be fine as long as you generally take care of yourself. Soda, like everything else we consume, becomes a problem if you take too much of it. Diabetes, heart attacks, weight gain, and more are all a result of soda use. In addition, the weight gain from soda, as well as the affects of sugar on your system will also make you lazy after use.

Marijuana is no different. When taking sparingly or used in the dosages generally recommended by doctors, laziness is in no way guaranteed. In fact, as medical marijuana Vancouver WA users have found out, it is the opposite. With a better handle on pain and a new way to cope with long-term problems, medical marijuana Spokane Washington users as well as their Vancouver neighbors are finding their lives to be more productive then ever.