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Resources for Math Workshop

I hope you all enjoyed the opportunity to connect last week at the staff meeting. In this week's newsletter, I'm sharing some resources for math workshop. Enjoy!

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Resources for Problem Solving

If you are looking for resources for classroom discussions or additional problem solving tasks, I highly recommend these sites!

You can search for tasks based on content standards, your grade level and clusters of standards. A number of teachers at WES have used these tasks to enrich an Everyday Math Unit! They are continuing to add tasks, so check this site often!

On this site designed by Stanford University, you can search for tasks based on grade level (K-12), concepts, mathematical practices and topics.

This site includes a problem of the month (K-8) as well as performance assessment tasks!

You may want to check out the math tasks and assessments at Achieve the Core.

I would also recommend checking out the Math Coach's Corner blog! Donna Boucher is always posting new ideas and strategies for teaching math, as well as free tasks!

(If you are on Twitter, you should follow her!)

Anchor Charts for Number Talks

Teaching Channel: Number Talks Video

Math Read Alouds

We are often looking for launch texts for our content units, but how often are we reading picture books in math workshop? You may want to consider including one math read aloud in each of your Everyday Math units. If you are looking for a picture book for your math unit, let me know! I have a bin of math picture books in the book room and I'm sure our school libraries also have math related titles!

This site organizes the book lists by math topic!

Two great blog posts about how to use picture books in math!

Authors Who Bring Math to Life

Honeybee Book Award, K-2

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Black Bear Book Award

(Summaries are from Goodreads and Amazon.)

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