Top Ten Goals Ever

By Marcel Kripzak and Sean Dutton


In this top ten there will be some of the most historical games ever scored in history. Ibrahimovic, Zidane, and Ronaldinho are some of the players that scored the great goals. It happened on the football field, where they dribbled past players and placed the ball into the net. Some were bicycle kicks and crazy curves. They do it for their team, to win and show their skills. With practice then you can be like them. Here are the greatest goals that came from the greatest players.
Top 10 World Class Goals ● Goals That Made History

10. Ronaldinho

The free kick was taken by number 11 Ronaldinho. He put curve on it to the ball to make it sail over the confused Seaman and into the side netting. Seaman was expecting the ball to be crossed in, but instead was a shot. Brazil played against England when he scored.

9. Roberto Carlos

One of the most famous goals ever scored, also known the banana curve shot, was 35 meters away from the goal when it curved well around the wall. Roberto Carlos number 6 set up to take the shot. The ball curved back in, hit the post, and went into the back of the net. The whole time the goalkeeper was watching as the ball went in. Roberto Carlos and Brazil played against the French.

8. Ronaldo

The ball popped loose to number 9 Ronaldo. He started dribbling forward moving the ball back and forth between his feet. The defenders could not take the ball of him and he ended up into the penalty box. Still dribbling, he hit the ball while falling, and the ball went into the back of the net.

7. Maradona

The goal of the century, it was called. The number ten Argentinian, Maradona, picked up the ball in midfield. He dribbled forward, faking one English player, then faking another player. He made his way into the box, faking the goalkeeper, and just before being tackled, hit the ball into the back of the net.

6. Bergkamp

In the tenth minute, Pires had the ball and passed it number 10 Bergkamp, who tapped it around one side of the Newcastle player. The Arsenal player went around the other side of him, meeting up with the ball and placed the ball into the back of the net.

5. Messi

Lionel Messsi, one of the best players in the world has done an amazing solo goal. Messi starts dribbling through the entire team and goalkeeper and scores a beauty

4. Ronaldinho

One of the best players for Brazil, has scored an insane bicicle kick for FC Barcelona, The goalkeeper had no chance to save that. A great chip to Ronaldinho with a great first touch and a great bicicle kick

3. Ronaldo

A great pass to Ronaldo and a great bicicle kick. The goalie could have almost saved it, but the ball curved right into the bottom right side of the goal. After this goal, fans were shocked with this goal.

2. Ibrahimovic

The goalkeeper tries to hit the ball away from the box, but Zlatan Ibrahimovic tries a bicicle kick quick before the goalie gets back, and the ball ends in the bottom right corner of the goal. The defender tried to save it but it still went in.

1. Zidane

Zidane, a great player has scored an absolutely insane volley for Real Madrid. The ball came up to him and he just hits the ball really hard in the top left corner, the goalkeeper tried, but had no chance in saving this beauty.