Dining With Desiree

Inspiring families with teens to celebrate mealtime.

Are you a busy mom who struggles to get good food on your dinner table? I can help!

Like many of you, I'm a busy mom with teens in the house; so, I'd be remiss if I didn't tell you about the amazing time saver workshops I'm doing with my Wildtree customers. Do you have a minute to chat? Would you like to learn how you and your friends can prep 10 dinners in one fun night? Call me, text me, email me...nothing brings people together like good food!
Power of the Products
More than Food - A Global Impact

I'll bet you'd love to get free groceries.

Doesn't that burger look delicious? I'm drooling here. Gather your friends and family to discover how our all-natural and organic products, alongside our menu planning services, can save your family time and money! You'll get to sample products before you buy and you can earn free groceries for hosting. Everyone should have the opportunity to eat well and feel good.

Dining With Desiree

I love helping families celebrate mealtime and enjoy a healthier lifestyle, both physically and financially. With Wildtree products, you can easily and healthfully create delicious meals in no time. Ask me about our certified organic and gluten-free products.

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