Electric Tattoos

by Khristian Melton & Halle Ferguson.

What Is Electric Tattoo

Electric Ink is produced with the finest and purest raw materials available in the market today. Resulting in a product of unquestionable quality, superior coverage and blending. It is dedicated to providing the highest quality and safest tattoo ink available in the world today and is under constant research and development to meet the strict requirements of health agencies and artists who demand unsurpassed quality.

My Life Thoughts

We believe electronic tattoos will be the world’s biggest hit! The life of technology is becoming more, and more advanced. Soon, almost everything will be consumed by the power of technology, and this will be okay to us. As humans, w e must learn that our generation is changing.

The Cost Of The Technology

Around $200 Is the Average Cost Of Tatto

How It Works

The temporary digital tattoos resemble small computer chips and are made of tiny, wavy silicon structures containing circuits that are thinner than a human hair; they attach directly to the skin and can bend and stretch with the body. The embedded electrodes can simplify medical diagnostics, act as a computer input device and control computers through speech if implanted on the throat.

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