Relationship Bank Account

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What's an RBA ?

At this point I know you're probably asking yourself what is a RBA and it is a Relationship Bank Account. Well an RBA is a how you rate yourself having a relationship with others. It doesn't have to be the person you go with but can be people you talk to on daily or from time to time.

How a Relationship Bank Account works ?

A Relationship Bank Account is basically how you or someone feels about you that gives you credit. This is sort of like a piggy bank. Say if you do something nice for someone or give somebody a compliment, you can add credit for that. It can even be the simple things you do that could turn out to be a reward to you. Okay, say if you do something like bully someone or do something that you regret then that's a take out.

Basically, the Relationship Bank Account is depositing and withdrawing. This all depends on your actions. So you can have positive actions and improve the relationship or negative actions and weaken it. An RBA is with everyone you meet so watch your actions and words.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's an RBA ?
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