By Olivia and Jorjia

Quick facts:

Born: August 31, 12BC

Died: January 24, 41BC

Occupation or Job: Ancient roman emperor

Became emperor:37BC

Full name: Gaius Caesar Germanicus

How did Caligula keep his power?

In the beginning of Caligula 's rule Caligula tried to make the Romans happy. The Romans were very pleased in the beginning of his rule. Caligula found out that people where planning to kill him. He made plans to go over to them and kill them with his guards so therefore no one could take over his throne. (

How did Caligula use his power?

Caligula was both a very great emperor and a very horrible emperor. He had so much power and used it in different ways. In the beginning Caligula got on the good side with the Roman Empire before he became mad.

  • He removed sales taxes.
  • worked well with the Senate.
  • put in lots of entertainment into the colleseum.
  • released people that were unfairly imprisoned.
  • created chariot races and created more boxing matches. But after having a sickness that changed him he turned into a really nasty emperor. He made some very bad choices like:
  • Rising taxes to pay for his extravagant events.
  • He killed people unfairly and made the parents watch their children die for pleasure.
  • He took people's properties.
  • He made people dedicate all their belongings to him in their wills after their deaths. He was a very good yet bad emperor.

How did Caligula achieve power?

Tiberius was chosen to be an ancient roman emperor and heir of Agustos when his rule came to an end. Caligula was adopted by Tiberius and was proclaimed heir to the throne. After Tiberius' s death Caligula was proclaimed an emperor of ancient Rome. "March 3rd Tiberius fell I'll he died a month later and rumors swirled that Caligula had smothered him. It didn't matter Romans were ecstatic over his death in part because the empire now fell into the hands of Caligula". (, 2015) over all the Romans were very happy with Caligula being able to rule over them and not Tiberius.

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Did you know?

Caligula was related to Julius Caesar. Julius Caesar was Caligula's great-great -grandfather. They both suffered from what was believed to be epilepsy.
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