Tom Sawyer

By Mark Twain


Summary of tom sawyer

3rd Person

Tom's mouth watered when he saw the red apple.

This is showing his thoughts at this part of the story.


Tom and Huck were walking in the cemetery when they heard 3 voices.

What do you think we should do tom?

I don't know huck

It shows how tom and Huck are talking to each other in the cemetery.


Aunt Polly Looked threw toms ripped up old clothes. She did find the bark and he said i told you it was in there.

It shows that aunt Polly is more of a meaner character in the story.


The theme is That he grows to be more mature in his life.

He does not act the way he did at the beginning of the book because he would skip school. he would act bad and really immature in the story.

figurative langauge

I kept here a ticking like a clock like someone's days were numbered and than I heard a shot of a gun and dr. Robinson was shot.

He saying that dr. Robinson is about to die because he was arguing with injun joe