Summer '16

Welcome again to the 2016 - 2017 PESA E-Board!


The one thing I want to emphasis for next year! Be creative, Have fun. Sky's the limit.

Yeah, I know... It's basically summer, but I just wanted to let you all know about a few things before we all get drunk on a beach.

1. Google Form: Share your thoughts for the upcoming school year, it's not long I promise!

2. Create a LinkedIn profile with a nice headshot and updated information.

3. Network as much as possible at your various internships (even on the beach), and keep those people in the back of your heads as sponsors, panelists, etc. for future events!

4. I'll be sending a few emails over the summer that have some important information, so be sure to stay up to date.

5. Be safe and have fun this summer!

- Sean, VP

Might as well listen to the song of the summer on your way to the beach.

Big Proposal.

And it's just that, a proposal, but I'm a forward thinker and wanted to share this idea with you all. Feel free to email me back with comments, concerns, etc!

Would you as a pillar director be interested in having a team to assist in your ventures throughout the school year?

    • Example: Team of 5+ work together to formulate ideas and bring in outside resources. Fashion team works to put on a large scale fashion event; solo or by collaborating with a fashion entity on campus.

      • Benefits:

        • Larger overall paid membership… Must pay dues by (TBA Date) to participate and receive the benefits of being on this team.

        • Paid members would get into any of these events free of charge; with a base pay from “Guest” at about $5.

        • Discounted Summit ticket price for team members

        • Placement in the resume book

        • Dedicated section on the website (Digital Portfolio)

      • Added Pillar Responsibilities

        • Supervising team members and making sure they stay on task and have the resources that they need to successfully complete the various projects by a strict deadline.

        • Have a specific meeting time with your team members to ensure [the above] and keep everyone involved in the process.

        • Communicate to the E-Board the tasks that your team is taking on, take on suggestions and input and bring it back to your specific team.

        • Be creative and have fun!

      • Why?

        • Status is very important.

        • Much larger incentive to participate in PESA and create exposure for the organization.

        • Creates large leadership positions across the board, not just the heads of the organization.

        • Allows directors to gain genuine experience in event planning, team management, and overall leadership preparing them for success in the future.

        • “Get from it what you put in it.”

      • How?

        • Heavy promotion the first two weeks of August.

        • Interest meeting (3rd Week)

          • Future members are allowed to line up with the team that they want to be apart of.

          • A GroupMe is created for each team and the new members.

        • General “Membership Meeting” (4th Week)

          • All directors are responsible for this face-to-face brainstorming session.

        • Exec Board Meeting (5th Week)

          • Ideas that were thought up during the previous brainstorming session are presented to the E-Board, approval or rejection is given, and an “event syllabus” is drawn up.

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