What To Expect

When Your Expecting

First Trimester (1-3months)

At 6 weeks the baby begins to develop there eyes and there nostrils and there moms personality begins to change. Then at 8 weeks the baby's webbed fingers and toes, eyelids cover baby's eyes and lunges start to form, the mother's breast starts to get bigger, by week 13 the baby's fingertips , vein and organs are visible for the mom morning sickness begins.

Second Trimester (4-6 months)

At 14 weeks the mom's breast start to feel less tender, while the baby is starting to squint, frown, and pee. When its 22 weeks everyone will want to touch your stomach and the baby starts to look like a miniature newborn. At 26 weeks your baby could hear your voice. While going into 27 weeks you start to ack.

Third Trimester (7-9 months)

In your final trimester at 28 week you have gained about 11 pounds and you start to see your doctor every 2 weeks. At 32 weeks your baby has toenails and fingernails and you start to have heartburn and shortness of breath. At 40 weeks you become very frustrated and you may have to have a biophysical profile. 41 weeks your baby is 20 inches and 8 pounds.

What To Expect If Your A Soon To Be Father...

Everything a dad should know is that the mother of your child will become very frustrated and have a lot of mood changes. Also she will start to eat a lot more and also start to have weird cravings. Also she may have morning sickness and her feet will start to swell.