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Palm Sunday thoughts from a while back...

"The Lord revealed something I already knew this week, funny when that happens. He revealed that when my day dreams, my imaginations about the past or the future, turn into those scenarios or mind games where the result is: I win or I lose; I'm vindicated or I’m justified; I’m right and you're wrong; then guess what…HE IS NOT THERE.

Our Living Savior doesn’t participate in those self-generated delusions or the deceptions of this world. He continues to walk right past them in our inner man for the same joy that was set before Him on His way to the cross. Because of the fulfillment of that joy, He is present with the present tense. He will not be a participant in the drama going on in my head. He won't. It is not Him. I knew that but now I KNOW that. I wonder where that “knowing” came from?"

Come and join in the sacred conversation with the Church @ Grace Life. It was beautiful this past Sunday... I'm betting it will be this Palm Sunday too!

Breakfast Club 9:00 Food & Friends 10:30 Worship & Message 11:00


Easter has to be one of the best times of the year. It is so full of Hope, Love, and New Life that it is hard to escape the sacrifice that was made for us all! Next Sunday (Easter) will reaffirm the great Love that was given to us and it is really great that the whole world knows what this day represents. Thank you Jesus!!! Let us celebrate!!!
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The Sunday School kids are going to CELEBRATE His resurrection!!!

We have much to celebrate on the day of His resurrection and it calls for a party in the Sunday School class! Our Easter party will include the story of His new life, games, crafts, goodies and then, OF COURSE, the ever popular Easter Egg Hunt. If you can help Tracy gather, stuff, plan and/or execute any of these things, please let her know!

The tomb is EMPTY!!!


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It's a whole new meaning of taking a Ride to Bulgaria!

Our Grace Connections team of Laurie and Bob Shoemaker will be heading off to Bulgaria on April 5th to help another group of saints experience a "Ride" of their own. After helping groups in Barbados and Michigan begin their own version of The Ride, they are now traveling across "The Pond" to assist Peter and Anelia Kirchev of True Life Ministries share the Love of Christ and the excitement of His revelation to the people that He has brought to them. What an honor and privilege for Grace Life and Grace Connections to be a part of their journey.

In order to raise funds for the trip, they are hoping that anyone who has been a part of a Ride will contribute towards the opportunity to send this discipleship idea to the other side of the world. Of course, if you haven't been on a Ride, they would love your support as well. Grace is not as freely embraced in a lot of this area of Eastern Europe and it will be a great chance to see a freedom from the law that is found in Christ in a way that is unique for these people.

Retha, Woody & Herb (as well as others) will also be "face timing" with the groups over there to help lead them in discussions. It promises to be a rich and exciting time for us all!

Join them in their joy as they share the Grace and Love that has so richly been given. Be a part of it with them!