Edison vs Tesla - the DC/AC Feud

Whose theory is superior?????!!!!!!

The Famous Rivalry

Nikola Tesla and Thomas Edison, both geniuses of electrical engineering which had changed history as we know it. But how exactly did their theories and later on feud had come to play??? Personally I see Tesla's theory of AC more superior than Edison's theory of DC and here is why!!!

How such rivalry came about?????!!!

Funny how the feud began since Edison himself hired Tesla to work at his own company as he saw him a giant like him. Tesla was a dreamer that had years of training in the field of training, which had granted him to work on his theories before experimenting them. On the other hand Edison lacked in his education and relied on tremendous experiments. Edison praised Tesla's ideas but had also believed them to be impractical, which would then lead for each other to criticize their work.

The War Begins!!!!!!!!!!

Edison's most least favorite idea of Tesa's was his theory of AC, which would be another way of bringing electricity to the people. Edison would then on insist that his idea of DC would be greater than AC, as it can maintain a lower voltage being much safer. On the other hand, Tesla's AC theory, which changes the direction of the flow of energy, would produce electricity for the city or an industry. Further on, Tesla would establish his own company and with the help of Westinghouse to then popularize AC wiping out Edison's DC theory.

AC WINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well as I had personally said, AC would later on win the war. With Westinghouse's house, Tesla was able to achieve his dream of building a power plant in Niagara Falls to power up New York City. Also, basic principles AC are being used today to power up local grids. Experts today are also trying to discover ways DC and AC can work together to power up modern technology and to run power grids more efficiently.