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About Us

Our nonprofit organization started about 10 years ago whenever technology wasn't so prominent and things like applying to college was a very daunting and confusing task. There are plenty of High School seniors that don't know what a letter of recommendation is, or even know how to apply for college or the SAT exam; our duty is to help them. Not only do we help incoming High School students become familiar with how to apply for college, but we also help them to apply for scholarships and potentially get them. We know that the transition from a High School student to a College Freshman can be an overwhelming task, but we are there to help students every step of the way! We partner up with different schools from around the Houston area to inform students of the steps to go about applying for college. We also help these students whenever they are in college and give them tips like how to study for a midterm or how to join various organizations. We were once college students too, so we definitely know what it feels like. Our mission is to make college an option for everyone.

Where does the money go?

With the help of your donation, we hope to get the word out about our organization by creating a one day seminar at the George R. Brown Convention Center where we would help students from all over the Houston area learn about what it takes to apply for college. Our ultimate goal is to create a scholarship for High School seniors that have shown leadership skills, maintained an overall 3.75 GPA, and helped out in the community. We hope to help as many students as possible. Won't you join us?

Here are some great college tips!

What I Wish I'd Considered When Applying to College

Like our name says, our goal is to provide college for everyone.

What I Wish I'd Known as a Freshman

Transition from High School Students (Above) to College Freshman (Below).

There are some students who have a very easy transition from High School student to College Freshman; Eda was not that student. Eda had a very difficult time applying to college as she was a first generation college student. Nobody in her family had gone to college so she had no idea how to approach it; it seemed like a dream to her. She started asking around, looking up videos, googling the internet, going to workshops, and finally she started getting an idea of how to apply. She applied early, asked her teachers for letters of recommendation, submitted her the transcripts and SAT scores to the colleges of her choice, and then on June she got her letter of acceptance to the University of Houston where she is now studying Human Resources Development. She'll be graduating in December of 2014.