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Volume VI, Issue 8 - January 20, 2016

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Editorial: Survey of Readers

It is hard to believe, but we are now in our sixth year of publishing Money & Mission. We think it is time to find out whether our newsletter is still meeting the needs of our readers.

Four years ago, we distributed a brief on-line survey to readers to obtain your views on Money & Mission. We were gratified that 77% of respondents said they read every issue, and 95% said they placed a medium to high value on the publication. As a result of the positive response, we did not make any material changes to Money & Mission.

With the passage of time, interests and opinions may change, so we have developed a short follow-up survey, with many of the same questions, to find out about your current needs. You will find the surveys at the following link:

Please take a few minutes to complete the survey, before February 10. Your input will help us to ensure that Money & Mission continues to be relevant.

"A Strict Account to Give"

By Lieut. Colonel Neil Watt

Taken from Charles Wesley’s familiar hymn A Charge to Keep I Have, the above phrase frequently came to mind as I stood at various Christmas kettles last month. It is one of the few fund-raising endeavours I’m aware of where a donor can stand right in front of you and demand “accountability”.

Despite the lack of trust that today’s general public has of large institutions/churches, on two occasions this season, kettle donors commented to me that we are the most trusted charity in Canada and the only recipient of their donations. While extremely humbling, I always feel somewhat uneasy about those exchanges as it says to me that the public’s expectations for our accountability are very high indeed.

But what does accountability really mean? In the Charity Central handbook, Road To Accountability, accountability is defined as ”the process of holding an organization responsible for its actions so that it reports honestly and openly to authorities such as government and funders.” Sponsored by the Canadian Revenue Agency, this handbook reminds us that accountability goes beyond simply the management of finances and attempts to address the widest possible spectrum of internal and external expectations.

It is encouraging that General Andre Cox has issued a call to the world wide Salvation Army for greater accountability as it relates to our vision and strategy, policy, performance measurement and risk management. He has assigned Lieut.-Colonel Dean Pallant, Director of The Social Justice Commission, to the task of ensuring that, organizationally, we are pursuing best practices, so that our accountability is as relevant, specific and accurate as possible.

Of course, we don’t have to wait for organizational improvements. No matter what our role, it is our responsibility to the Lord, to the Army and to all our stakeholders that, corporately and individually, our accountability is of the highest standard.

The General’s call for greater accountability tells us that this is a matter that we all must take very seriously. We must be in a position to say to all future supporters “Thank you for your donation,” knowing that we are doing everything possible to ensure accountability throughout the organization. May “Integrity in practice” be our mantra!

“So then each of us should give account of himself to God”…Romans 14:12

Agresso Implementation Tip #5

Supplier Invoice Enquiry

Several enquiry reports in Agresso allow you to search for transactions related to your responsibility centre. To use the enquiries, navigate to Reports/Global Reports/Ministry Unit Enquiry/Reports and you will see the available categories.

Users can look up the status of a supplier’s invoice by entering the Supplier/Vendor number and the Responsibility Centre number (RESPC #). To search for supplier invoices, you will need the Supplier ID in Agresso. To look this up, navigate to Reports/Global Reports/Ministry Unit Enquiry/Reports, expand “2. Accounts Payable Enquiry”, and open up “1. Supplier/Vendor No. Lookup”. In the “Name like” field, type in the full or partial name of the supplier, preceded and followed by an asterisk. The asterisks are for wildcard searches to allow Agresso to search for a name entered in any position of the Supplier name field. For example, to search for Sysco Food Services, type in *sysc* in the “Name like” field. There should be 19 results: use the address information to choose the correct one.

Note the Supplier ID you have found and proceed to the enquiry called “2. Open and Historical Items per Suppliers” . Enter the Supplier ID in the “SuppID like” field under Selection criteria, and your own RESPC # in the “RESPC like” field and click on “Search”. The search result will be sorted by status of the invoice in Column T (A – Registered Invoices, B – Open Items, C – Historical Items). To search for paid invoices, remove the check mark for A and B in Selection criteria. To search for unpaid invoices, remove the check mark for C. Invoices with status A represent invoices that are currently under review/approval; those with status B are approved invoices and pending payment which will depend on the due date.

Who's Who

ELAD SHARON has served as Director of Accounting Operations in the Finance department at THQ since January 2015. In this capacity, he manages the Accounts Payable function in the department’s Toronto office.

Elad obtained an undergraduate degree in Economics from Tel Aviv University. After graduating, he worked as an analyst for strategic planning in a large Israeli bank. Since immigrating to Canada, Elad has continued his accounting studies and is working towards a CPA designation at York University.

Elad has diverse experience in the business world. His previous experience includes serving as head of financial operations at Kangaroo group, a unique start-up in the bio-medical industry in Toronto, and owning/operating businesses in the Canadian food industry and in real estate investments. In addition, he has assisted low-income individuals with opening their own businesses in Toronto.

Did You Know?

The Salvation Army Year Book 2016, recently published by International Headquarters, includes the following statistics about the strength of the Canada and Bermuda Territory:

”Officers 1,706 (active 755, retired 951) Cadets 34 Employees 8,011

Corps 309 Outposts 6 Institutions and Programmes 254

Senior Soldiers 17,073 Adherent Members 34,366 Junior Soldiers 2,339”

It also reports that, within the Territory, the Gospel is preached in the following languages: Creole, English, French, First Nations languages (Gitxsan, Nisga’a, Tsimshian), Korean, Lao, Portuguese, Spanish, Thai.

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