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September Newsletter

Welcome Back 🤗

Hello and welcome back! This year is beginning unlike any other, but we are still so excited that you are here. We hope that this newsletter will help provide you with useful information and resources that you can use throughout the school year. Let's get started!

Students, did you know that your counselor has a Class Page in your Schoology account. Be sure to check their Class Page. Under the Materials Tab you'll find helpful links for making appointments and links for their Office Hours.

What are Office Hours?

Great question! Office Hours will be hosted two times a week by your counselor. You'll be able to use the Office Hours Link (in the Materials Tab) to be admitted to the Zoom waiting room. Office Hours is a great resource to use if you have a quick question or just want to say hi! 👋

If you would like to schedule your own carved out time please check your counselors Schoology Page to access their Calendly Page.

What's Calendly?

Another great question! The Counseling Department is now using Calendly to schedule Student Virtual Meetings. Students can pick a date and time (when they don't have a class) to meet with their counselor via Zoom or Google Meet. Once the appointment is made students will receive a confirmation email and the event will be added to their HPHS Google Calendar. We hope that this system helps us all stay connected!

Parent Appointments

Parents, we didn't forget about you! We would love for you to continue using email to reach out to us when wanting to schedule a virtual meeting via Zoom, Google Meet, or phone.

The HPHS Counseling Team + Contact Information

Your counselor is here to support and guide you throughout your time at HPHS in the areas of:

Academic Support

Social Emotional Learning and Support

Post-Secondary Planning

Remote Learning 411

We're all in this together!

During this time of Remote Learning we want to help support you and guide you through this adventure!

Top Ten Tips for Success (from the 2020-2021 HPHS Remote Learning Information Packet)

  1. Get enough sleep so you can wake up and follow the school day schedule.
  2. Find an appropriate place to do your work and take video calls.
  3. Communicate with your teachers. They can only help you if they know what is going on.
  4. Set reasonable goals for yourself.
  5. If you need help, reach out and ask.
  6. Check Schoology often for updates and information.
  7. Do your best work. Grades matter.
  8. Check your email and respond in a timely manner.
  9. Connect with your classmates.
  10. Charge your chromebook each night.

Video Call Guide Lines 😀

  • Can't make the video call? Contact your teacher via email.
  • Make sure your wifi is working & that you are connected
  • Find a paper & pen/pencil so you can take notes
  • Your camera will be on, dress appropriately (follow school guidelines)
  • Choose an appropriate setting and background
  • Locate link for your video call on Schoology
  • Can’t login? Email your teacher ASAP
  • Mute your mic, unless it is your turn to speak
  • Keep language & conversations school appropriate
  • Use chat feature to ask a question
  • Know that your teacher might be recording

If you need Tech Support ⚙️🛠

💻 Check Student Tech Resource Page

💻 Email helpdesk@dist113.org

💻 Briefly describe your tech issue

💻 You will be contacted to resolve the issue

If you need Academic Support 📚

📗 Check with classmates

📗 Contact your teacher

📗 Schedule tutoring sessions through TLC

Important Dates 🗓

Mark your Calendar 🖋

September 7 = Non-Attendance Day

September 8 = Virtual Open House

September 28 = Non-Attendance Day
October 9 = Course Drop Deadline

October 12 = Non-Attendance Day

October 16 = First Quarter Ends

For a full version of the school calendar please click the button below.

Navegando HPHS durante el Aprendizaje a Distancia

De Padre A Estudiante ofrece talleres a padres de familia en Español. Se ofreceran varios talleres durante el año escolar por las tardes. Durante los talleres aprenderá a como navegar el sistema educativo Americano, especialmente los años de preparatoria y universidad. También hay talleres diseñados para el desarrollo humano, que incluye como relacionarse mejor con sus hijos, pareja, y con usted mismo. Todo con el propósito de incrementar el nivel de acercamiento entre padres/tutores y la escuela.

Helpful Links + Resources for Students & Parents

Drop In Center

Make an appointment for a virtual meeting with someone from our Drop In Team.

Program of Studies

Learn all about the variety of courses offered at HPHS