Spanish 1 Week 5

Mrs. Coe's Course Updates

Has your school been closed due to snow?

I understand the snow this year has made the start of the semester challenging for many students. Several students have used their time at home to get ahead in the course and others have not been able to access the course. Students will NOT be penalized for late work but should be encouraged to catch up as soon as possible. The farther they fall behind the harder it is for them to grasp the material.
Verb Conjugation Practice

Please share this site with your students so they can practice their verb conjugations. It is one of the most important grammatical concepts when learning a new language.

Speaking Assignment Limitations Fixed

Many students were having difficulty uploading their audio files for the "Hablar" assignments because their audio files were too large. NCVPS has recently increased the maximum upload size for those assignments to prevent this issue in the future.

Assignments affected:
Unidad 1 Leccion 2 Hablar
Unidad 1 Leccion 3 Hablar
Unidad 2 Leccion 2 Hablar
Unidad 3 Leccion 2 Hablar
Unidad 3 Leccion 3 Hablar
Unidad 5 Leccion 3 Hablar
Unidad 7 Leccion 3 Hablar