Paediatric Cardiology

3rd and 4th years especially welcome

LCTS Lecture Series 2

Mr Ram Dhannapunneni, a consultant paediatric cardiac surgeon from Alder Hey Children's Hospital will be speaking to us on morphology, physiology and correction of common congenital heart defects. A topic not to be missed for exams/finals!

This lecture is especially suitable for 3rd years and above. There will also be a chance to sign up for membership before/after the event.

Membership benefits:

FREE handouts

FREE revision notes-Dropbox access

Regular small group teaching from 5th years

OSCE/ LOCAS preparation

Congenital Cardiac Defects

Tuesday, Nov. 18th, 5:45-6:45pm

Sherrington Lecture Theatre 1

Refreshments will be available from 5.30pm
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