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Anna Yuan


  • Only way to truly find yourself is to overcome your internal struggles
  • Relatable to all people, especially teenagers
  • The Fifth Rule has a dark, gritty atmosphere, The Lion King is child-friendly and action-packed, Colleen Nelson’s website is relatable to teenagers

The Fifth Rule

  • The Fifth Rule by Don Aker, sequel to The First Stone
  • Takes place two years later in Halifax
  • Protagonist: Reef Kennedy – honourable, caring and reckless ex-juvenile delinquent
  • Protagonist: Leeza Morrison – sheltered and insecure 19-year old girl
  • Antagonist: Roland Bernard Decker – malicious and cowardly politician
  • Theme: Reef must overcome his own self-hatred and guilt to finally be a positive member of society
  • Leeza must overcome her insecurities and fear of judgment to become an independent woman

The Lion King

  • The Lion King, Walt Disney Pictures 1994, follows life of Simba as he grows up and realizes his destiny to become king of Pride Rock
  • Theme: when Simba was young, he did not realize the true responsibility of being king; was not until death of his father that Simba truly realized who he was meant to be
  • When Ghost Mufasa told Simba that he was the one true king, Simba realizes father would not blame him, that he can let go of guilt
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Colleen Nelson

  • Colleen Nelson, author of The Fall; novel about how three boys individually deal with the death of friend
  • Theme: own past experiences witnessing real teenagers overcoming loss
  • Previous book called Tori by Design about a young, self-centred girl dealing with real-world issues for the first time

Colleen Nelson's Website:

Colleen Nelson's Blog:


  • Entertaining, informative, offers different perspectives
  • Entertaining: is descriptive, suspenseful and relatable
  • Informative: informs about other lifestyles, family dynamics and how to be a positive person
  • New Insight: offers different perspectives about the issue of juvenile crime
  • Would recommend

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