LMS Families Update

March 6-17, 2023

Contact Information

Jon Grow, Principal

Erin Blansfield, Assistant Principal

Becky Mielke-Mann, Assistant Principal

Kia McKinney, 6th Grade Counselor

James Freeman, 7th Grade Counslor

David Gibbons, 8th Grade Counselor

Coming up!

3/9- Hear the Crunch MD (1st pd)

3/10- No School (Content PD)

3/13- CTE Information Night


3/16- 8th Grade Junior Achievement Trip (Civic Center)

3/17- Anything But a Backpack Day

3/24- 1/2 Day (Professional Development)

3/31- 1/2 Day (Quarter 3 Grades)

A Message from Mr. Grow

Dear Families,

I understand there has been some discussion regarding the condition of the bathrooms at LMS, and I’d like to provide updated information for parents.

At LMS, it is understood that bathrooms must be in working order and well stocked with supplies. However, a small number of students have been vandalizing the bathrooms by deliberately stopping up toilets, pulling equipment off the walls, swinging on and breaking stall doors, draining soap dispensers and emptying toilet paper dispensers. As soon as facilities are repaired and supplies replenished, the vandalism reoccurs.

The vast majority of LMS students come to school with the understanding that they are there to learn, and they are respectful of themselves, others, and school property. However, a small number of students have caused a great deal of damage, and we are working to end this activity.

The school has strategies in place to try to prevent these issues such as limiting the numbers of students out using E-Hallpass, stations for teachers to monitor outside restrooms, restrictions from using the restroom during transitions (along with the first 5 and last 5 minutes of class), cell phones restricted (must stay in the classroom), and only 3 students out at a time during lunch. In addition, while checking bathrooms, if damages or vandalism has taken place, our hallway security cameras are also used to try to pinpoint bathroom users.

Much of this has been put into place all year, but has been difficult to prove who is guilty of the actions. The school has identified a few offenders, which resulted in consequences for destruction of school property. In addition, the damages can easily cost hundreds/thousands of dollars a week and hours of maintenance staff time to repair or replace items. These actions also come along with restitution, if needed. We as a school are working hard to keep our bathrooms clean and safe; therefore, we are also asking for your support.

Please talk to your child/children about the impact of vandalism in their school. While it may seem like an innocent prank, or just copying a social media video/challenge, theft and vandalism are criminal activities. The school has increased the bathroom sweeps, is having meetings with students, reminding students about PRIDE and expectations on the daily announcements, and placing students on Red Flag (escorting to and from the restroom) to attempt to prevent further issues. We appreciate any support you can provide at home as we work to address the problem.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.


Mr. Jon Grow


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March 17th! Anything BUT a Bookpack Day!

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8th Grade Junior Achievement Trip- March 16th!

Permission Slips will come home on Monday, March 6th. Please have them signed and returned by March 14th.

The event will be from 11:15am- 12:45pm.

  1. In-class, teacher-led curriculum
    • Pre-survey – Students
    • Session 1: Career Interests and Your Path
    • Session 2: Career Planning and Your Path
    • Session 3: Preparing to Meet Your Future
    • Session 4: Local Business Means Opportunity
    • Session 5: Preparing for the In-person Event
  2. The hands-on, in-person career exploration at the Civic Center
  3. One in-class, teacher-led debrief session
    • Post Survey – Students
    • Verification Survey – Teachers
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