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Documentary 'Slumming It' Shows Both Sides Of Slums

Dharavi (located in Mumbai,India) is the world's largest slum and Mr Kevin McCloud went in and saw things he expected, as well as some he didn't. A horrible stench and the streets covered in rats,rubbish and excrement. Seeing men,women and children working in unsafe areas aswell as cramming into a 3 room house with 20 other people.

Though as he went further in, himself and every viewer saw a different side. Walls painted in beautiful colours, strangers in friendly conversation, children smiling and laughing as their mothers sat together and watched. The people in the slum seemed content and full of joy.

The message recieved was that people that have less than us, seem more happy. While we live our live wanting more and never being satisfied, they live in poor conditions with low amounts of needed human resources and are gleaming each day. McCloud successfully showed that what Prince Charles said was correct, we can learn from third world countries.
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