Bre's Bucket List

For crazy things

1. Worlds largest rope swing.

This looks like fun even though I'm terrified of heights, because who doesn't wanna swing of a giant rock? Hmmm I'd probably take my dad.. I think he would enjoy this.

Location: Corona Arch, near Moab, Utah

Type of weathering: Physical

Agents of erosion: Wind

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World's Largest Rope Swing

2. Ziplineing

My uncle has been zipplineing, so has my cousin, why not me? Obviously I'd take my cousin with me, she knows how to make anything fun.

Location: Kapalua, Maui (an island of Hawii)

Wheathering: physical

Agents of erosion: gravity, water & wind

Things to Do in Maui, Hawaii - Kapalua Ziplines

3. Snow boarding

A highly fun yet risky sport, although its many dangers I've always been a winter person and would like to give it a try.. I believe my mom and my uncle Jay-bird would come with me, besides my uncle already knows how to snowboard.

Location: Alberta Rocky Mountains

Weathering: Physical

Agents of erosion: snow ice wind & gravity

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Snowboarding in The Rockies

4. Rolling down a hill in a giant hamster ball!!! (Zorbing)

Also know as zorbing, I know this is bit weird but, GIANT HAMSTER BALL! (No laughing.) It would be fun, they may also float if you get the type for water. Its a bit silly but.. WHAT THE HECK? I know my brother and sister would love this (even though they're pests) so I'd take them with me.

Location: Midland, Michigan (or anywhere there's hills)

Weathering: Physical

Agents of erosion: Water and maybe ice/snow

Me rolling down a hill in a giant hamster ball filled with water (zorbing)

5. Hang Glideing

Hang glideing! Fun for the whole family! It is great for site-seeing and travel. And what's more fun than seeing your little annoying sister freak out? The answer is nothing. I'd take my family with me, like I said, fun for the whole family.

Location: Austin, Texas

Weathering: Physical

Agents of erosion: Water wind & Gravity

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Midland Michigan's Tridge

I have actully been on this myself, so I've already done this but I thought maybe this is somthing that someone else might want to add to their bucket list... The Midland Tridge stretches over the Chippewa and Tittabawassee Rivers near downtown Midland.

There is also a farmers market there, like I said I've been personally to both, they're extraordinary and I insist on people seeing it.