Eating Disorders

Get help for yourself or a loved one

Learning About the Problem

Eating disorders are a serious problem with today's youth. There are 3 main types of eating disorders, and they range from not eating enough, to eating too much. People with Anorexia eat the very least they can to survive, or they just don't eat at all. People with bulimia binge-eat and then throw up afterwards so they won't gain any weight, they become just skin and bones. The main reason they do that is because they think they're too fat, and they're afraid of gaining any weight. Unlike the other two, Binge-eating is when people eat too much. They can't control their eating and become overweight. All of these are serious problems, and are much more common than most people realize.

Symptoms of Anorexia

*Underweight, sunken face
*Dizziness or fainting
*Brittle nails
*Hair that thins, breaks or falls out
*Refusal to eat
*Denial of hunger
*Excessive exercise
*Eating only a few certain "safe" foods, usually those low in fat and calories

Symptoms of Bulimia

*Damaged teeth and gums
*Sores in the throat and mouth
*Scarring on the back of the hand/fingers used to induce purging
*Constant dieting
*Hiding food or food wrappers
*Eating in secret
*Eating to the point of discomfort or pain
*Self-induced vomiting
*Excessive exercise
*Frequent bathroom trips after eating

Symptoms of Binge-eating

*Eating large amounts of food, even when not physically hungry
*Feeling extremely distressed or upset during or after binging
*Eating much more rapidly than usual
*Eating until uncomfortably full
*binging to reduce stress or comfort yourself
*Unlike bulimia, there are no regular attempts to “make up” for the binges through vomiting, fasting, or over-exercising

Getting Help

If you or someone you know has an eating disorder get help as soon as possible! It's unhealthy for someone to eat too much or too little, and it's better to get help sooner than later. You may feel like you're the only one with this problem, but there are thousands of other people who are going through the same thing. Go here for help: