Tremendous Tiny Teddy Trains

By Chloe

Why should you make tiny teddy trains????

Some reasons why tinny teddy trains are for.......

  • Kids Birthday Parties
  • To share in class
  • Fun to make
  • And of course taste great!!!!

What do I need to make them?????

Here are the ingrediants...

1. Melted chocolate

2. Smarties

3. Milky Ways

4. Liquorice Allsorts

5. Liquorice Sticks

6. Tiny Teddies

4. Microwave

5. Table

And here are the materials....

1. Materials:

2. Bowl

3. Spoon

4. Microwave

5. Table

Here's how you make one....


1. Firstly, get a bowl and put some chocolate into the bowl. Turn the microwave on and wait until melted

2. Take bowl out of microwave and put on table

3. Get out a spoon and scoop up a bit of melted chocolate and put it onto a smartie, then put it on a corner of the Milky Way Bar and repeat three more times

4. Next, scoop up some more chocolate and put it on one side of the Milky Way Bar and after, put a Liquorice Allsorts and stick it on

5. Then, put some more chocolate in the middle and a bit at the end.

6. In the middle section, put a tinny teddy on vertically, and the put a Liquorice Stick on vertically as well

Now you have made your tiny teddy train, Enjoy!!!!!


  • Its better to use less chocolate to stick the parts together then more
  • Its easier to dip ingrediants into melted chocolate then to use a knife

What can you make from making tiny teddy cars?????

From making your tiny teddy cars you can alterate the parts and change it for example look above you can see a tiny teddy beach and a tiny teddy car!!!!!!!!