The Juliano Journal

Week of January 4-8

Dear Families,

Happy 2016! I hope that you and your family had a wonderful holiday break. It was so nice to see the kids on Monday- I really missed them! I loved hearing about all of the fun activities and awesome gifts that they received. The students really had no problem jumping right back into the swing of things in our third grade classroom.

The January reading log was sent home early this week. Please continue to make sure that your child is reading for a minimum of 20 minutes each night, and that he/she is completing the reading responses for the month. The Meerkat activity for the month of January is a very popular one- bowling! Students need to return the reading log at the end of the month in order to attend the fun activity so encourage your child to work hard this month!

Jump Rope for Heart (JRFH) for all students K-5 will take place during P.E. classes the week of February 1st. Fundraising envelopes will be sent home with students on January 11th. All students will participate in the jumping; however, raising funds is voluntary. Collection envelopes will be due February 5th. Please visit the Jump Rope for Heart website for additional information

Have a fantastic weekend! :)

Miss Juliano

Curriculum News

Language Arts

This week we focused on the persuasive writing mode. Students learned about three environmental issues that are currently being discussed-

  • Should plastic bags continued to be given out at stores?
  • Should hunting be banned as a sport?
  • Should we give up certain luxuries (driving, using air conditioning, etc.) in order to save the environment?

Students first chose one of the topics that is most important to them and decided which side of the debate they agree with. Students then began writing a persuasive piece explaining their point of view on the debate and supporting their opinion with evidence from articles we read, as well as their own thinking. We will continue to work on these persuasive pieces next week as students will be going through the whole writing process. Ask your child which topic he/she chose to write about!


Our focus in math this week continued to be on big numbers. Students practiced reading, writing, and comparing numbers to the millions place. Next week we will switch our focus from big numbers to decimals. Students will learn about the place values of tenths and hundredths. We be modeling decimals with base-10 blocks, and then practicing exchanging between tenths and hundredths.

Students also began memorizing their multiplication facts. We started with the factor of 2. Next week students will practice the factor of 5. Flashcards for the 5s will be sent home on Monday.


This week we began our second unit of science: Water. The students learned about how some materials absorb water when it is spilled, while water beads up on other materials. The students also learned what surface tension is by observing what happens when they drop water on a penny. The students had so much fun counting how many droplets could fit before the water spilled. Ask your child how many water droplets he/she could fit on a penny!

Next week we will be conducting more investigations to learn about the properties of water.

Important Dates

Tuesday, January 12th: WPO Meeting- 7 pm

Thursday, January 14th: Family Library Night- 6:30 pm

Friday, January 18th: Teacher Institute Day- no school

Monday, January 18th: MLK Day- no school